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The international journal Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) is jointly published by the Eurographics Association and Wiley (former Blackwell). CGF is a leading journal for in-depth technical articles on computer graphics.

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  • Parakkat, Amal Dev; Joshi, Sarang Anil; Pundarikaksha, Uday Bondi; Muthuganapathy, Ramanathan (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    We present a drawing assistant for sketching and for assisting users in shading a hand drawn sketch. The augmented reality based system uses a sketch made by a professional and uses it to help inexperienced users to do ...
  • Altıok, Ozan Can; Sezgin, Tev k Metin (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    From a user interaction perspective, speech and sketching make a good couple for describing motion. Speech allows easy speci cation of content, events and relationships, while sketching brings in spatial expressiveness. ...
  • Lai, Chun-An; Chiang, Pei-Ying (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    This article presents an easy to use mobile application which allows users to create 3D digital copies of their interested objects anywhere and anytime. An advanced 3-sweep modeling technique is developed to construct 3D ...
  • Castaneda, Saif; Akleman, Ergun (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    In this manuscript, we describe a process that can be used to create still and/or animated portrait paintings to be shown in Expressive Art Exhibit. Our process consists of two stages: (1) Creation of control textures for ...
  • Arenas, Irene de la Torre -; Cruz, Pedro (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
    We propose a new taxonomy that explains the roles of motion in data visualization, focusing especially on their communicative aspects. Our taxonomy clarifies the main axis in how visualization designers can employ motion ...

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