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  • Nazemi, Kawa (2015-03-05)
    Human access to the increasing amount of information and data plays an essential role for the professional level and also for everyday life. While information visualization has developed new and remarkable ways for visualizing ...
  • Simon, Gilles (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
    In this paper, we present a novel method for in-situ 3D sketching of polyhedral scenes. A video camera is used as both an interaction and a tracking device, which makes the system particularly suitable for handheld devices ...
  • Gimeno-Sancho, Jesus; Pardo-Carpia, Fernando; Morillo-Tena, Pedro; Fernández-Marin, Marcos (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
    SAFAR is a mobile Augmented Reality application that makes possible to see in real-time the Sagrada Familia as it will look like when it be finished. The application successfully integrates outdoor tracking and 3D rendering ...
  • Schmitz, Arne; Li, Ming; Schönefeld, Volker; Kobbelt, Leif (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
    We present a framework which enables the combination of different mobile devices into one multi-display such that visual content can be shown on a larger area consisting, e.g., of several mobile phones placed arbitrarily ...
  • Neset, Tina-Simone S.; Wibeck, Victoria; Uhrqvist, Ola; Johansson, Jimmy (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
    This study presents the outline of a climate visualization programme directed to various target groups that was presented in a dome environment. The efforts of climate and visualization researchers to jointly develop ...