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  • Kim, Changil (ETH Zurich, 2015)
    This thesis presents a complete processing pipeline of densely sampled, high resolution light fields, from acquisition to rendering. The key components of the pipeline include 3D scene reconstruction, geometry-driven ...
  • Diamanti, Olga (ETH Zurich, 2015)
    Computing mappings between spaces is a very general problem that appears in various forms in geometry processing. They can be used to provide descriptions or representations of shapes, or place shapes in correspondence. ...
  • Singh, Gurprit (HAL, 2015-09)
    This dissertation introduces a theoretical framework to study different sampling patterns in the spherical domain and their effects in the evaluation of global illumination integrals. Evaluating illumination (light ...
  • Bouaziz, Sofien (2015)
    Capturing and processing human geometry, appearance, and motion is at the core of computer graphics, computer vision, and human-computer interaction. The high complexity of human geometry and motion dynamics, and the high ...
  • Miguel, Eder (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, 2014-11-25)
    Deformable objects play a critical role in our life due to their compliance. Clothing and support structures, such as mattresses, are just a few examples of their use. They are so common that an accurate prediction of their ...