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The international journal Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) is jointly published by the Eurographics Association and Wiley (former Blackwell). CGF is a leading journal for in-depth technical articles on computer graphics.

  • Visual Exploratory Analysis for Multiple T-Maze Studies 

    Bechtold, Fabrizia; Splechtna, Rainer; Matkovic, Kresimir (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
    Evaluation of spatial learning and memory in rodents is commonly carried out using different maze settings such as the Multiple T-Maze. State-of-the-art analysis is primarily based on statistics of quantitative measures ...
  • Semantic Screen-Space Occlusion for Multiscale Molecular Visualization 

    Koch, Thomas Bernhard; Kouril, David; Klein, Tobias; Mindek, Peter; Viola, Ivan (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
    Visual clutter is a major problem in large biological data visualization. It is often addressed through the means of level of detail schemes coupled with an appropriate coloring of the visualized structures. Ambient occlusion ...
  • Improving Perception of Molecular Surface Visualizations by Incorporating Translucency Effects 

    Hermosilla, Pedro; Maisch, Sebastian; Vázquez, Pere-Pau; Ropinski, Timo (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
    Molecular surfaces are a commonly used representation in the analysis of molecular structures as they provide a compact description of the space occupied by a molecule and its accessibility. However, due to the high ...
  • Global and Local Mesh Morphing for Complex Biological Objects from µCT Data 

    Knötel, David; Becker, Carola; Scholtz, Gerhard; Baum, Daniel (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
    We show how biologically coherent mesh models of animals can be created from µCT data to generate artificial yet naturally looking intermediate objects. The whole pipeline of processing algorithms is presented, starting ...
  • VisualFlatter - Visual Analysis of Distortions in the Projection of Biomedical Structures 

    Grossmann, Nicolas; Köppel, Thomas; Gröller, Eduard; Raidou, Renata Georgia (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
    Projections of complex anatomical or biological structures from 3D to 2D are often used by visualization and domain experts to facilitate inspection and understanding. Representing complex structures, such as organs or ...

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