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After a year of parallel running, the platform on which the old digital library,, ran was withdrawn at the end of 2015. The content of the Eurographics Digital Library Archive is freely accessible regarding the bibliographic and the metadata content. Only the access to most of the full-text documents is restricted to Eurographics members with an electronic subscription option, to people from institutions which have an Institutional Membership in Eurographics or to users of TIB Hannover.

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  • Guillotel, Philippe; Danieau, Fabien; Fleureau, Julien; Rouxel, Ines (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    Adding the sense of touch to hearing and seeing would be necessary for a true immersive experience. This is the promise of the growing "4D-cinema" based on motion platforms and others sensory effects (water spray, wind, ...
  • Galvane, Quentin; Fleureau, Julien; Tariolle, Francois-Louis; Guillotel, Philippe (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    The rise of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and their increasing use in the cinema industry calls for the creation of dedicated tools. Though there is a range of techniques to automatically control drones for a variety of ...
  • Wu, Hui-Yin; Christie, Marc (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    Cinematography carries messages on the plot, emotion, or more general feeling of the film. Yet cinematographic devices are often overlooked in existing approaches to film analysis. In this paper, we present Embedded ...
  • Rémi Ronfard; Marc Christie; Quentin Galvane; Arnav Jhala (Eurographics Association, 2016)
  • Wambecke, Jérémy; Vergne, Romain; Bonneau, Georges-Pierre; Thollot, Joëlle (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    Lighting design is crucial in 3D scenes modeling for its ability to provide cues to understand the objects shape. However a lot of time, skills, trials and errors are required to obtain a desired result. Existing automatic ...