Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 1990

Ackermann, Hans-Josef; Hornung, Christoph
The Triangle Shading Engine

Evans, S. R.; Grimsdale, R. 1.; Lister, P. F.; Nimmo, A. D.
The AIDA Display Processor System Architecture

Claussen, Ute
Real Time Phong Shading

Pöpsel, Josef; Tikwinski, Eckard
A Multipurpose Hardware Shader

Schilling, Andreas
Some Practical Aspects of Rendering

Hebert, M-P.; McNeill, M. D. J.; Shah, B.; Grimsdale, R. 1.; Lister, P. F.
MARTI-A Multiprocessor Architecture for Ray Tracing Images

Atamenia, Abdelghani; Meriaux, Michel; Lepretre, Eric; Degrande, Samuel; Vidal, Bruno
A Cellular Architecture for Ray Tracing

Badouel, Didier; Priol, Thierry
An Efficient Parallel Ray Tracing Scheme for Highly Parallel Architectures

Bakalash, Reuven; Kaufman, Arie; Xu, Zhong
Building a Full Scale VLSI-Based Volume Visualization System

Rossignac, Jaroslaw R.; Wu, Jeffrey
Correct Shading of Regularized CSG Solids Using a Depth-Interval Buffer

Chaillou, Christophe; Meriaux, Michel; Karpf, Sylvain
I.M.O.G.E.N.E.-A Solution to the Real Time Animation Problem

Shen, Li-Sheng; Deprettere, E.; Dewilde, P.
A New Space Partitioning for Mapping Computations of the Radiosity Method onto a Highly Pipelined Parallel Architecture