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The international journal Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) is jointly published by the Eurographics Association and Wiley (former Blackwell). CGF is a leading journal for in-depth technical articles on computer graphics.

  • Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 

    Gröller, Eduard (2022-05-06)
    EG VCBM addresses the state of the art in visual computing research with a strong focus on applications in biology and medicine. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for experts (researchers and practitioners) from ...
  • SOFA: an Open-source Solution for Physics Simulation 

    Talbot, Hugo (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    SOFA is an open-source framework for interactive physics simulation and is being developed for more than 16 years. Today, SOFA benefits from a large international community made up of research centers and companies. The ...
  • Practical Machine Learning for Rendering: From Research to Deployment 

    Marshall, Carl S.; Vembar, Deepak S.; Ganguly, Sujoy; Guinier, Florent (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    Applying machine learning to improve graphics rendering or asset pipelines is challenging. Practicalities such as proprietary datasets, network retraining, and deployment issues make it difficult to translate published ...
  • 2D Points Curve Reconstruction Survey and Benchmark 

    Ohrhallinger, Stefan; Peethambaran, Jiju; Parakkat, Amal Dev; Dey, Tamal K.; Muthuganapathy, R. (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    Curve reconstruction from unstructured points in a plane is a fundamental problem with many applications that has generated research interest for decades. Involved aspects like handling open, sharp, multiple and non-manifold ...

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