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The international journal Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) is jointly published by the Eurographics Association and Wiley (former Blackwell). CGF is a leading journal for in-depth technical articles on computer graphics.

  • EUROGRAPHICS 2021: Tutorials Frontmatter 

    O'Sullivan, Carol; Schmalstieg, Dieter (Eurographics Association, 2021)
  • CUDA and Applications to Task-based Programming 

    Kenzel, Michael; Kerbl, Bernhard; Winter, Martin; Steinberger, Markus (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    Since its inception, the CUDA programming model has been continuously evolving. Because the CUDA toolkit aims to consistently expose cutting-edge capabilities for general-purpose compute jobs to its users, the added features ...
  • Visualization and Graphics in Mixed Reality 

    Kalkofen, Denis; Mori, Shohei; Tatzgern, Markus (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    This tutorial will present the challenges and unique aspects of mixed reality visualization applications such as organization of data for visualization, real-world data sources for visualization, real time photo-realistic ...
  • Volumetric Video - Acquisition, Compression, Interaction and Perception 

    Zell, Eduard; Castan, Fabien; Gasparini, Simone; Hilsmann, Anna; Kazhdan, Misha; Tagliasacchi, Andrea; Zarpalas, Dimitris; Zioulis, Nick (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    Volumetric video, free-viewpoint video or 4D reconstruction refer to the process of reconstructing 3D content over time using a multi-view setup. This method is constantly gaining popularity both in research and industry. ...
  • Inverse Computational Spectral Geometry 

    Rodolà, Emanuele; Melzi, Simone; Cosmo, Luca; Bronstein, Michael; Ovsjanikov, Maks (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    In the last decades, geometry processing has attracted a growing interest thanks to the wide availability of new devices and software that make 3D digital data available and manipulable to everyone. Typical issues that are ...

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