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The international journal Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) is jointly published by the Eurographics Association and Wiley (former Blackwell). CGF is a leading journal for in-depth technical articles on computer graphics.

  • Visual Analytics for the Integrated Exploration and Sensemaking of Cancer Cohort Radiogenomics and Clinical Information 

    El-Sherbiny, Sarah; Ning, Jing; Hantusch, Brigitte; Kenner, Lukas; Raidou, Renata Georgia (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    We present a visual analytics (VA) framework for the comprehensive exploration and integrated analysis of radiogenomic and clinical data from a cancer cohort. Our framework aims to support the workflow of cancer experts ...
  • Cytosplore Simian Viewer: Visual Exploration for Multi-Species Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data 

    Basu, Soumyadeep; Eggermont, Jeroen; Kroes, Thomas; Jorstad, Nikolas; Bakken, Trygve; Lein, Ed; Lelieveldt, Boudewijn; Höllt, Thomas (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    With the rapid advances in single-cell sequencing technologies, novel types of studies into the cell-type makeup of the brain have become possible. Biologists often analyze large and complex single-cell transcriptomic ...
  • Rapid Prototyping for Coordinated Views of Multi-scale Spatial and Abstract Data: A Grammar-based Approach 

    Harth, Philipp; Bast, Arco; Troidl, Jakob; Meulemeester, Bjorge; Pfister, Hanspeter; Beyer, Johanna; Oberlaender, Marcel; Hege, Hans-Christian; Baum, Daniel (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    Visualization grammars are gaining popularity as they allow visualization specialists and experienced users to quickly create static and interactive views. Existing grammars, however, mostly focus on abstract views, ignoring ...
  • Smoke Surfaces of 4D Biological Dynamical Systems 

    Schindler, Marwin; Amirkhanov, Aleksandr; Raidou, Renata Georgia (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    To study biological phenomena, mathematical biologists often employ modeling with ordinary differential equations. A system of ordinary differential equations that describes the state of a phenomenon as a moving point in ...
  • Reflections on AI-Assisted Character Design for Data-Driven Medical Stories 

    Budich, Beatrice; Garrison, Laura A.; Preim, Bernhard; Meuschke, Monique (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    Data-driven storytelling has experienced significant growth in recent years to become a common practice in various application areas, including healthcare. Within the realm of medical narratives, characters play a pivotal ...

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