Rendering I
Progressive Denoising of Monte Carlo Rendered Images
Arthur Firmino, Jeppe Revall Frisvad, and Henrik Wann Jensen
Learning for Rendering
Dressi: A Hardware-Agnostic Differentiable Renderer with Reactive Shader Packing and Soft Rasterization
Yusuke Takimoto, Hiroyuki Sato, Hikari Takehara, Keishiro Uragaki, Takehiro Tawara, Xiao Liang, Kentaro Oku, Wataru Kishimoto, and Bo Zheng
Real-time Virtual-Try-On from a Single Example Image through Deep Inverse Graphics and Learned Differentiable Renderers
Robin Kips, Ruowei Jiang, Sileye Ba, Brendan Duke, Matthieu Perrot, Pietro Gori, and Isabelle Bloch
Learning from Shader Program Traces
Yuting Yang, Connelly Barnes, and Adam Finkelstein
Computational Photography
ZoomShop: Depth-Aware Editing of Photographic Composition
Sean J. Liu, Maneesh Agrawala, Stephen DiVerdi, and Aaron Hertzmann
Learning a Self-supervised Tone Mapping Operator via Feature Contrast Masking Loss
Chao Wang, Bin Chen, Hans-Peter Seidel, Karol Myszkowski, and Ana Serrano
Modeling and Editing I
Gradient Terrain Authoring
Eric Guérin, Adrien Peytavie, Simon Masnou, Julie Digne, Basile Sauvage, James Gain, and Eric Galin
Deep Reconstruction of 3D Smoke Densities from Artist Sketches
Byungsoo Kim, Xingchang Huang, Laura Wuelfroth, Jingwei Tang, Guillaume Cordonnier, Markus Gross, and Barbara Solenthaler
Interactive Editing of Discrete Chebyshev Nets
Rui-Zeng Li, Jia-Peng Guo, Qi Wang, Shuangming Chai, Ligang Liu, and Xiao-Ming Fu
Animation and Motion Capture
Compact Facial Landmark Layouts for Performance Capture
Eduard Zell and Rachel McDonnell
CAST: Character labeling in Animation using Self-supervision by Tracking
Oron Nir, Gal Rapoport, and Ariel Shamir
MoCo-Flow: Neural Motion Consensus Flow for Dynamic Humans in Stationary Monocular Cameras
Xuelin Chen, Weiyu Li, Daniel Cohen-Or, Niloy J. Mitra, and Baoquan Chen
Appearance and Shading
MaterIA: Single Image High-Resolution Material Capture in the Wild
Rosalie Martin, Arthur Roullier, Romain Rouffet, Adrien Kaiser, and Tamy Boubekeur
OutCast: Outdoor Single-image Relighting with Cast Shadows
David Griffiths, Tobias Ritschel, and Julien Philip
Human Animation and Topology
Shape Transformers: Topology-Independent 3D Shape Models Using Transformers
Prashanth Chandran, Gaspard Zoss, Markus Gross, Paulo Gotardo, and Derek Bradley
Dynamic Combination of Crowd Steering Policies Based on Context
Beatriz Cabrero-Daniel, Ricardo Marques, Ludovic Hoyet, Julien Pettré, and Josep Blat
The 3D Motorcycle Complex for Structured Volume Decomposition
Hendrik Brückler, Ojaswi Gupta, Manish Mandad, and Marcel Campen
Constrained Remeshing Using Evolutionary Vertex Optimization
Wen-Xiang Zhang, Qi Wang, Jia-Peng Guo, Shuangming Chai, Ligang Liu, and Xiao-Ming Fu
Procedural Roof Generation From a Single Satellite Image
Xiaowei Zhang and Daniel Aliaga
Semantic Segmentation in Art Paintings
Nadav Cohen, Yael Newman, and Ariel Shamir
Meshlets and How to Shade Them: A Study on Texture-Space Shading
Thomas Neff, Joerg H. Mueller, Markus Steinberger, and Dieter Schmalstieg
Modeling and Editing II
Automatic Differentiable Procedural Modeling
Mathieu Gaillard, Vojtech Krs, Giorgio Gori, Radomír Mech, and Bedrich Benes
Differentiable 3D CAD Programs for Bidirectional Editing
Dan Cascaval, Mira Shalah, Phillip Quinn, Rastislav Bodik, Maneesh Agrawala, and Adriana Schulz
Physics Simulation
A-ULMPM: An Adaptively Updated Lagrangian Material Point Method for Efficient Physics Simulation without Numerical Fracture
Haozhe Su, Tao Xue, Chengguizi Han, and Mridul Aanjaneya
Coupling 3D Liquid Simulation with 2D Wave Propagation for Large Scale Water Surface Animation Using the Equivalent Sources Method
Camille Schreck and Chris Wojtan
Fast and Exact Root Parity for Continuous Collision Detection
Bolun Wang, Zachary Ferguson, Xin Jiang, Marco Attene, Daniele Panozzo, and Teseo Schneider
Rendering II
Neural Precomputed Radiance Transfer
Gilles Rainer, Adrien Bousseau, Tobias Ritschel, and George Drettakis
Volumetric Multi-View Rendering
Basile Fraboni, Antoine Webanck, Nicolas Bonneel, and Jean-Claude Iehl
Recursive Analytic Spherical Harmonics Gradient for Spherical Lights
Pierre Mézières, Nicolas Mellado, Loïc Barthe, and Mathias Paulin
Learning Spectral Unions of Partial Deformable 3D Shapes
Luca Moschella, Simone Melzi, Luca Cosmo, Filippo Maggioli, Or Litany, Maks Ovsjanikov, Leonidas Guibas, and Emanuele Rodolà
Coverage Axis: Inner Point Selection for 3D Shape Skeletonization
Zhiyang Dou, Cheng Lin, Rui Xu, Lei Yang, Shiqing Xin, Taku Komura, and Wenping Wang
Vectorizing Line Drawings of Arbitrary Thickness via Boundary-based Topology Reconstruction
Zibo Zhang, Xueting Liu, Chengze Li, Huisi Wu, and Zhenkun Wen
Fiblets for Real-Time Rendering of Massive Brain Tractograms
Jérémie Schertzer, Corentin Mercier, Sylvain Rousseau, and Tamy Boubekeur
Z2P: Instant Visualization of Point Clouds
Gal Metzer, Rana Hanocka, Raja Giryes, Niloy J. Mitra, and Daniel Cohen-Or
3D Printing, Fabrication
Closed Space-filling Curves with Controlled Orientation for 3D Printing
Adrien Bedel, Yoann Coudert-Osmont, Jonàs Martínez, Rahnuma Islam Nishat, Sue Whitesides, and Sylvain Lefebvre
Computational Design of Self-Actuated Surfaces by Printing Plastic Ribbons on Stretched Fabric
David Jourdan, Mélina Skouras, Etienne Vouga, and Adrien Bousseau
Worst-Case Rigidity Analysis and Optimization for Assemblies with Mechanical Joints
Zhenyuan Liu, Jingyu Hu, Hao Xu, Peng Song, Ran Zhang, Bernd Bickel, and Chi-Wing Fu
Simulation of Clothes and Crowds
Interaction Fields: Intuitive Sketch-based Steering Behaviors for Crowd Simulation
Adèle Colas, Wouter van Toll, Katja Zibrek, Ludovic Hoyet, Anne-Hélène Olivier, and Julien Pettré
Computational Design of Kinesthetic Garments
Velko Vechev, Juan Zarate, Bernhard Thomaszewski, and Otmar Hilliges
N-Cloth: Predicting 3D Cloth Deformation with Mesh-Based Networks
Yu Di Li, Min Tang, Yun Yang, Zi Huang, Ruo Feng Tong, Shuang Cai Yang, Yao Li, and Dinesh Manocha