Norrköping, Sweden, May 25-29, 2020 (Virtual)

Visualization in Notebook-Style Interfaces
Johanna Schmidt and Thomas Ortner
Guidelines and General Considerations
Selecting and Sharing Multidimensional Projection Algorithms: A Practical View
Mateus Espadoto, Eduardo Faccin Vernier, and Alexandru C. Telea
Framing the Challenges of Operational and Domain Usage of Volume Visualization Methods in Ocean Science
Karen Bemis
Towards Closing the Gap of Medical Visualization Research and Clinical Daily Routine
Robin Georg Claus Maack, Dorothee Saur, Hans Hagen, Gerik Scheuermann, and Christina Gillman
Participatory Visualization Design as an Approach to Minimize the Gap between Research and Application
Stefan Jänicke, Pawandeep Kaur, Pawel Kuzmicki, and Johanna Schmidt
Application Retrospectives
From Research Topic to Industrial Practice: An Experience Report
Petra Gospodnetic, Markus Rauhut, and Hans Hagen
Lessons Learnt from Developing Visual Analytics Applications for Adaptive Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Renata Georgia Raidou, Katarína Furmanová, Nicolas Grossmann, Oscar Casares-Magaz, Vitali Moiseenko, John P. Einck, Eduard Gröller, and Ludvig P. Muren
How the Deprecation of Java Applets Affected Online Visualization Frameworks - A Case Study
Martin Skrodzki
Tales from the Trenches: Developing sciview, a new 3D viewer for the ImageJ community
Ulrik Günther and Kyle I. S. Harrington
Lessons Learned from Large Data Visualization Software Development for the K computer
Jorji Nonaka and Naohisa Sakamoto

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