Habel, Ralf
Real-time Rendering and Animation of Vegetation

Banterle, Francesco
Inverse Tone Mapping

Beyer, Johanna
GPU-based Multi-Volume Rendering of Complex Data in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery

Bonneel, Nicolas
Audio and Visual Rendering with Perceptual Foundations

Bousseau, Adrien
Manipulations d'image expressives pour une variété de représentations visuelles - Expressive Image Manipulations for a Variety of Visual Representations

Fuchs, Christian
Capturing and Reconstructing the Appearance of Complex 3D Scenes

Dellepiane, Matteo
Uses of uncalibrated images to enrich3D models information

Dyer, Ramsay

Gall, Juergen
Filtering and Optimization Strategies for Markerless Human Motion Capture with Skeleton-Based Shape Models

Gamito, Manuel Noronha
Techniques for Stochastic ImplicitSurface Modelling and Rendering

Haar, Frank B. ter
Reconstruction and Analysis of Shapes from 3D Scans

Heinzl, Christoph
Analysis and Visualization of Industrial CT Data

Kohlmann, Peter
LiveSync: Smart Linking of 2D and 3D Views in Medical Applications

Malik, Muhammad Muddassir
Feature Centric Volume Visualization

Termeer, Maurice Alain
Comprehensive Visualization of Cardiac MRI Data

Ahmed, Naveed
High Quality Dynamic Reflectance and Surface Reconstruction from Video

Patel, Daniel
Expressive Visualization and Rapid Interpretation of Seismic Volumes

Rautek, Peter
Semantic Visualization Mapping for Volume Illustration

Ritschel, Tobias
Perceptually-motivated, Interactive Rendering and Editing of Global Illumination

Schall, Oliver
Robust and Efficient Processing Techniques for Staticand Dynamic Geometric Data

Scherzer, Daniel
Applications of temporal coherence in real-time rendering

Schultz, Thomas
Feature Extraction for Visual Analysis of DW-MRI Data

Stoll, Carsten
Template based shape processing

Vuçini, Erald
On Visualization and Reconstruction from Non-uniform Point Sets

Zambal, Sebastian
Anatomical Modeling for Image Analysis in Cardiology