Eurographics 2006 - Short Papers 2006

Preface and Table of Contents

Forstmann, Sven; Ohya, Jun
Fast Skeletal Animation by skinned Arc-Spline based Deformation

Hildenbrand, Dietmar; Fontijne, Daniel; Wang, Yusheng; Alexa, Marc; Dorst, Leo
Competitive Runtime Performance for Inverse Kinematics Algorithms using Conformal Geometric Algebra

Yamasaki, T.; Aizawa, K.
Similar Motion Retrieval for Dynamic 3D Mesh Based on Modified Shape Distributions

Michoud, B.; Guillou, E.; Bouakaz, S.
Shape From Silhouette: Towards a Solution for Partial Visibility Problem

Ritschel, Tobias; Botsch, Mario; Müller, Stefan
Multiresolution GPU Mesh Painting

Wu, Y.; Allgöwer, B.; Nüesch, D.
Fast and Realistic Display of Clouds Using a Recording Matrix

Jeremias, P.; Chavarria, O.; Garcia, O.; Carrillo, X.; Cuñado, A.
Solving Local Reflections: a Direct Methodology

Li, Shengying; Fan, Zhe; Yin, Xiaotian; Mueller, Klaus; Kaufman, Arie E.; Gu, Xianfeng
Real-time Reflection using Ray Tracing with Geometry Field

Stachera, J.; Rokita, P.
GPU-Based Hierarchical Texture Decompression

Ryder, G.; Day, A. M.
High Quality Shadows for Real-Time Crowds

Gong, Yi; Zhang, Yubo; Chen, Wei; Peng, Qunsheng
Dynamic Anisotropic Occlusion

Cheng, Irene; Bischof, Walter
A Perceptual Approach to Texture Scaling based on Human Computer Interaction

Aszódi, Barnabás; Szirmay-Kalos, László
Real-time Soft Shadows with Shadow Accumulation

Morvan, Y.; O'Sullivan, C.
Harnessing the Human Visual System for Image Based Modeling: an Interaction System

Yang, Ruigang; Huang, Xinyu; Li, Sifang; Jaynes, Christopher
Toward the Light Field Display: Autostereoscopic Rendering via a Cluster of Projectors

Hengel, Anton van den; Dick, Anthony; Thormählen, Thorsten; Ward, Ben; Torr, Philip H. S.
Rapid Interactive Modelling from Video with Graph Cuts

Vanaken, C.; Gerrits, M.; Bekaert, P.
Articulated Video Sprites

Hassner, T.; Basri, R.
Automatic Depth-Map Colorization

Diepstraten, Joachim; Borgo, Rita
Evaluation of Different Diffuse Surface Reflection Models for Global Illumination

Janda, M.; Hanák, I.; Skala, V.
Digital HPO Hologram Rendering Pipeline

Vogiatzis, G.; Hernández, C.; Cipolla, R.
Lighting-Up Geometry: Accurate 3D Modelling of Museum Artifacts with a Torch and a Camera

Wong, Chee-Kien Gabriyel; Wang, Jianliang
Modeling Real-time Rendering

Finkenzeller, D.; Schmitt, A.
Rapid Modeling of Complex Building Façades

Xu, Jia; Huang, Zhiyong
HOPI: A Novel High Order Parametric Interpolation in 2D

Dobbyn, S.; McDonnell, R.; Kavan, L.; Collins, S.; O'Sullivan, C.
Clothing the Masses: Real-Time Clothed Crowds With Variation

Desbenoit, Brett; Galin, Eric; Akkouche, Samir; Grosjean, Jérome
Modeling Autumn Sceneries

Michelis, D.; Send, H.; Resatsch, F.; Schildhauer, T.
Magical Mirrors

Schirski, Marc; Bischof, Christian; Kuhlen, Torsten
Exploring Flow Fields with GPU-Based Stream Tracers in Virtual Environments

Demiralp, Çagatay; Zhang, Song; Tate, David F.; Correia, Stephen; Laidlaw, David H.
Connectivity-Aware Sectional Visualization of 3D DTI Volumes using Perceptual Flat-Torus Coloring and Edge Rendering

Germer, T.; Götzelmann, T.; Spindler, M.; Strothotte, Th.
SpringLens Distributed Nonlinear Magnifications

Turini, G.; Ganovelli, F.; Montani, C.
Simulating Drilling on Tetrahedral Meshes

Shin, Seonhyung; Lee, Gun A.; Yang, Ungyeon; Son, Wookho
Virtual See-through Displays: Interactive Visualization Method in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Nurminen, Antti
m-LOMA - a Mobile 3D Portal to Location-based Information

Spindler, Martin; Röber, Niklas; Döhring, Robert; Masuch, Maic
Enhanced Cartoon and Comic Rendering

Kang, Dongwann; Park, Young-Sup; Seo, Sang-Hyun; Yoon, Kyung-Hyun
Two Layer Image Tile Mosaics

Clarke, Lyndsey; Chen, Min; Townsend, Peter; Mora, Benjamin
Elastic Facial Caricature Warping