Probabilistic and Uncertainty-based Techniques for Environmental Data Visualization
GPU-Assisted Visual Analysis of Flood Ensemble Interaction
Donald W. Johnson and T. J. Jankun-Kelly
Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis Guided Spatial Partitioning of Multivariate Ocean Biogeochemistry Data
Subhashis Hazarika, Ayan Biswas, Earl Lawrence, and Philip J. Wolfram
A Winding Angle Framework for Tracking and Exploring Eddy Transport in Oceanic Ensemble Simulations
Anke Friederici, Martin Falk, and Ingrid Hotz
Uncertainty-aware Detection and Visualization of Ocean Eddies in Ensemble Flow Fields - A Case Study of the Red Sea
Felix Raith, Gerik Scheuermann, and Christina Gillmann
Interactive Digital and Virtual Visualization Techniques for Environmental Data Visualization
Digital Earth Viewer: a 4D Visualisation Platform for Geoscience Datasets
Valentin Buck, Flemming Stäbler, Everardo González, and Jens Greinert
Spatiotemporal Visualisation of a Deep Sea Sediment Plume Dispersion Experiment
Everardo González, Kaveh Purkiani, Valentin Buck, Flemming Stäbler, and Jens Greinert
Air Quality Temporal Analyser: Interactive Temporal Analyses with Visual Predictive Assessments
Shubhi Harbola, Steffen Koch, Thomas Ertl, and Volker Coors
A Virtual Geographic Environment for the Exploration of Hydro-Meteorological Extremes
Karsten Rink, Özgür Ozan Sen, Marco Hannemann, Uta Ködel, Erik Nixdorf, Ute Weber, Ulrike Werban, Martin Schrön, Thomas Kalbacher, and Olaf Kolditz
Assessing the Geographical Structure of Species Richness Data with Interactive Graphics
Pauline Morgades, Aidan Slingsby, and Justin Moat

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