Education Papers I
Teaching Data-driven Video Processing via Crowdsourced Data Collection
Max Reimann, Ole Wegen, Sebastian Pasewaldt, Amir Semmo, Jürgen Döllner, and Matthias Trapp
A Virtual Reality Platform for Immersive Education in Computer Graphics
Filip Hácha, Petr Vanecek, and Libor Váša
Education Papers II
Conveying Firsthand Experience: The Circuit Parcours Technique for Efficient and Engaging Teaching in Courses about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Ralf Dörner and Robin Horst
VisGuided: A Community-driven Approach for Education in Visualization
Alexandra Diehl, Elif E. Firat, Thomas Torsney-Weir, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Benjamin Bach, Robert Laramee, Renato Pajarola, and Min Chen
Teaching 3D Computer Animation to Non-programming Experts
Dan Casas
Project in Visualization and Data Analysis: Experiences in Designing and Coordinating the Course
Kostiantyn Kucher, Rafael M. Martins, and Andreas Kerren
Reconstructing the Past: Outstanding Student-Created Virtual Heritage Experiences
Eike Falk Anderson
Education Papers III
Teaching Computer Graphics During Pandemic using Observable Notebook
Sumanta N. Pattanaik and Alexis Benamira
Marching Cubes for Teaching GLSL Programming
Ivaylo Ilinkin

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