Barcelona, Spain, 12 - 13 June 2017

Perceptual Experiments and Insights
A Crowdsourced Approach to Colormap Assessment
Terece L. Turton, Colin Ware, Francesca Samsel, and David H. Rogers
Evaluating the Perceptual Uniformity of Color Sequences for Feature Discrimination
Colin Ware, Terece L. Turton, Francesca Samsel, Roxana Bujack, and David H. Rogers
Where'd it go? How Geographic and Force-directed Layouts Affect Network Task Performance
Scott A. Hale, Graham McNeill, and Jonathan Bright
Evaluation Guidelines
Guidelines and Recommendations for the Evaluation of New Visualization Techniques by Means of Experimental Studies
Maria Luz, Kai Lawonn, and Christian Hansen
From a User Study to a Valid Claim: How to Test Your Hypothesis and Avoid Common Pitfalls
Niels H. L. C. de Hoon, Elmar Eisemann, and Anna Vilanova

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