Recent Submissions

  • Non-manifold and special purpose modelling 

    Stroud, Ian (Eurographics Association, 1997)
  • Simplification, LOD and MultiresolutionPrinciples and Applications 

    Puppo, Enrico; Scopigno, Roberto (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    These tutorial notes provide an introduction, review, and discussion of the state-of-the-art on simplification methods, Level Of Detail, and multiresolution models for surface meshes, and of their applications. The problem ...
  • Introduction to VRML 97 

    Nadeau, David (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    VRML (the Virtual Reality Modeling Language) has emerged as the de facto standard for describing 3-D shapes and scenery on the World Wide Web. VRML’s technology has very broad applicability, including web-based entertainment, ...
  • Virtual Spaces - VR Projection System Technologies and Applications 

    Dai, P.; Eckel, G.; Göbel, M.; Hasenbrink, F.; Lalioti, V.; Lechner, U.; Strassner, J.; Tramberend, H.; Wesche, G. (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    The motivation for providing multi-sensorial interfaces for human-machine interaction is rooted in the nature of human perception and cognition, which use several sensory channels at the time to construct what is generally ...
  • Simplification and Compression of 3D Scenes 

    Rossignac, Jarek (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    The geometric complexity of 3D models used in scientific, industrial, medical, or military applications significantly exceeds the complexity of what can be rapidly downloaded over the internet and of what can be displayed ...
  • Java APIs 

    Chaumette, Serge; Miniussi, Alain (Eurographics Association, 1997)
  • Developing and Publishing High-Quality Electronic Documents on CD-ROM 

    Cunningham, Steve (Eurographics Association, 1997)
    Electronic publishing is the enterprise of producing content in electronic form that can be delivered by electronic media. These notes explore the opportunities and challenges in this kind of publishing and help the reader ...