MAM2016: Eurographics Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling

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MAM2016: Eurographics Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling


Dublin, Ireland, 22 June 2016, Held in conjunction with The 27th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering

Interactive Appearance Prediction for Cloudy Beverages
Alessandro Dal Corso, Jeppe Revall Frisvad, Thomas Kim Kjeldsen, and Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
Weathering of Urban Scenes: Challenges and Possible Solutions
I. Muñoz-Pandiella, C. Bosch, N. Mérillou, X. Pueyo, S Mérillou, and G. Patow
Isotropic BRDF Measurements with Quantified Uncertainties
R. Hegedus, A. Lucat, J. Redon, and R. Pacanowski
Practical Experiences with Using Autocollimator for Surface Reflectance Measurement
Vlastimil Havran
Sparse Sampling for Image-Based SVBRDF Acquisition
Jiyang Yu, Zexiang Xu, Matteo Mannino, Henrik Wann Jensen, and Ravi Ramamoorthi
Human and Machine Vision
Gaze Analysis of BRDF Distortions
J. Filip, V. Havran, and K. Myszkowski
Exploring Material Recognition for Estimating Reflectance and Illumination From a Single Image
Michael Weinmann and Reinhard Klein

Recent Submissions

  • Filip, J.; Havran, V.; Myszkowski, K. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    BRDFs are currently used as a standard representation of material surface reflectance properties either in the from of tabulated measurements or a parametric model. However, the compression of tabulated representations as ...
  • Havran, Vlastimil (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    We present our experiences with using an autocollimator to set up the surface reflectance measurement for both BRDF and BTF. Assuming the measured material appearance is put on a locally flat surface, the autocollimator ...
  • Weinmann, Michael; Klein, Reinhard (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    In this paper, we propose a novel approach for recovering illumination and reflectance from a single image. Our approach relies on the assumption that the surface geometry has already been reconstructed and a-priori knowledge ...
  • Yu, Jiyang; Xu, Zexiang; Mannino, Matteo; Jensen, Henrik Wann; Ramamoorthi, Ravi (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    We acquire the data-driven spatially-varying (SV)BRDF of a flat sample from only a small number of images (typically 20). We generalize the homogenous BRDF acquisition work of Nielsen et al., who derived an optimal minmal ...
  • Muñoz-Pandiella, I.; Bosch, C.; Mérillou, N.; Pueyo, X.; Mérillou, S; Patow, G. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    In this paper, we propose to discuss on one of the main challenges in realistic rendering of urban scenes: changes in appearance over time within a urban context. After studying the previous work on weathering techniques, ...
  • Dal Corso, Alessandro; Frisvad, Jeppe Revall; Kjeldsen, Thomas Kim; Bærentzen, Jakob Andreas (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    Juice appearance is important to consumers, so digital juice with a slider that varies a production parameter or changes juice content is useful. It is however challenging to render juice with scattering particles quickly ...
  • Hegedus, R.; Lucat, A.; Redon, J.; Pacanowski, R. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
    Image-based BRDF measurements on spherical material samples present a great opportunity to shorten significantly the acquisition time with respect to more traditional, non-multiplexed measurement methods for isotropic ...
  • Reinhard Klein; Holly Rushmeier (Eurographics Association, 2016)