Digital Heritage International Congress 2013

Zvietcovich, Fernando; Castaneda, Benjamin; Perucchio, Renato; Morales, Ricardo; Uceda, Santiago
A Methodology for Updating 3D Solid Models of Complex Monumental Structures Based on Local Point-based Meshes

Nöll, Tobias; Köhler, Johannes; Reis, Gerd; Stricker, Didier
Faithful, Compact and Complete Digitization of Cultural Heritage using a Full-Spherical Scanner

Bettio, Fabio; Gobbetti, Enrico; Merella, Emilio; Pintus, Ruggero
Improving the digitization of shape and color of 3D artworks in a cluttered environment

Palma, Gianpaolo; Desogus, Nicola; Cignoni, Paolo; Scopigno, Roberto
Surface Light Field from Video Acquired in Uncontrolled Settings

Dellepiane, Matteo; Scopigno, Roberto
Global refinement of image-to-geometry registration for color projection on 3D models

Remondino, Fabio; Nocerino, Erica; Menna, Fabio; Nex, Francesco; Spera, Maria Grazia; Gonizzi-Barsanti, Sara
Dense Image Matching: comparisons and analyses

Tombari, Federico; Remondino, Fabio
Feature-based automatic 3D registration for cultural heritage applications

Jacquot, Kevin; Chevrier, Christine; Gilles, Halin
Reverse Engineering of Scale Models Using Dataflow Programming: Application to the fortification of plans-reliefs

Blazek, Jan; Soukup, Jindrich; Tichý, Tomás; Zitova, Barbara; Hradilová, Janka; Flusser, Jan
Low-cost mobile system for multispectral cultural heritage data acquisition

Fukunaga, Kaori; Meldrum, Tyler; Zia, Wasif; Ohno, Misao; Fuchida, Takeshi; Bluemich, Bernhard
Nondestructive Investigation of the Internal Structure of Fresco Paintings

Dandolo, Corinna Ludovica Koch; Jepsen, Peter Uhd
Characterization of European Lacquers by terahertz (THz) reflectometric imaging

Drap, Pierre; Merad, Djamel; Seinturier, Julien; Mahiddine, Amine; Peloso, Daniela; Boi, Jean-Marc; Long, Luc; Garrabou, Joaquim
Underwater photogrammetry for archaeology and marine biology.40 years of experience in Marseille, France

Bruno, Fabio; Gallo, Alessandro; Filippo, Francesco De; Muzzupappa, Maurizio; Davidde, Barbara; Caputo, Paolo
3D documentation and monitoring of the experimental cleaning operations in the underwater archaeological site of Baia (Italy)

Bandiera, Adriana; Alfonso, Cristiano; Auriemma, Rita; Bartolo, Maurizio Di
Monitoring and conservation of archaeological wooden elements from ship wrecks using 3D digital imaging

Versaci, Antonella; Cardaci, Alessio
Cutting-edge technologies for the survey and documentation of cultural heritage: the case study of the architectural-archaeological area of Aruch in Armenia

Martos, Antonio; Ruiz, Bernardino
Realistic Virtual Reproductions. Image-based modelling of geometry and appearance

Remondino, Fabio; Menna, Fabio; Koutsoudis, Anestis; Chamzas, Christos; El-Hakim, Sabry
Design and implement a reality-based 3D digitisation and modelling project

Athanasiou, Eleni; Faka, Marina; Hermon, Sorin; Vassallo, Valentina; Yakoupi, Kyriaki
3D documentation of Cultural Heritage artefacts: from data acquisition to virtual conservation and restoration

Manferdini, Anna Maria; Russo, Michele
Multi-scalar 3D digitization of Cultural Heritage using a low-cost integrated approach

Bandiera, Adriana; Arthur, Paul; Imperiale, Marco Leo; Maffezzoli, Alfonso; Frigione, Mariaenrica; Montagna, Francesco; Signore, Grazia Maria
Replicating perishable artefacts. A project for analysis and exhibition of Early Medieval objects from the Byzantine village at Scorpo (Supersano, Italy)

Muzzupappa, Maurizio; Gallo, Alessandro; Spadafora, Francesco; Manfredi, Felix; Bruno, Fabio; Marca, Antonio La
3D Reconstruction of an outdoor archaeological site through a multi-view stereo technique

Signoroni, Alberto; Bonarrigo, Francesco; Pezzotti, Nicola
On-the-fly automatic alignment and global registration of free path collected 3D scans

Banerjee, Sumandeep; Biswas, Prabir Kumar; Bhowmick, Partha; Dutta, Somnath
A Low-Cost Portable 3D Laser Scanning System with Aptness from Acquisition to Visualization

Manfredi, Marcello; Williamson, Greg; Kronkright, Dale; Doehne, Eric; Bearman, Gregory; Jacobs, Megan; Marengo, Emilio
Measuring Changes in Cultural Heritage Objects with Reflectance Transform Imaging

Rejas, Juan Gregorio; Burillo, Francisco; Bonatti, Javier; Martínez, Rubén
Anomaly Detection using Remote Sensing for the Archaeological Heritage Registration

Gonizzi, Sara; Micoli, Laura L.; Guidi, Gabriele
Quick textured mesh generation for massive 3D digitization of museum artifacts

Mathys, Aurore; Brecko, Jonathan; Semal, Patrick
Comparing 3D digitising technologies: where are the differences?

Reu, Jeroen De; Clercq, Wim De; Laloo, Pieter
Orthophoto mapping and digital surface modeling for archaeological excavations. An image-based 3D modeling approach

Dominici, Donatella; Rosciano, Elisa; Alicandro, Maria; Elaiopoulos, Michail; Trigliozzi, Serena; Massimi, Vincenzo
Cultural heritage documentation using geomatic techniques; Case study: San Basilio s monastery

Schaich, Martin; Jahnke, Peter; Knechtel, Sebastian; Rahrig, Max
On the 3D Documentation of the Igel Column Original and Copy. Structured 3D Survey and Analytical 3D Information System

Lindgren, Stefan; Galeazzi, Fabrizio
3D Laser Scanning in Cave Environment: the Case of Las Cuevas, Belize. Acquisition of the Cave System and Excavation Area

Srour, David; Richter, Ashley; Levy, Thomas; Kuester, Falko
Temporal Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Visualize the Archaeological Excavation Process

Kawae, Yukinori; Yasumuro, Yoshihiro; Kanaya, Ichiroh; Chiba, Fumito
3D Reconstruction of the Cave of the Great Pyramid from Video Footage

Agapiou, Athos; Cuca, Branka; Themistocleous, Kyriakos; Alexakis, Dimitiros D.; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G.
Integrated method for tracking changes in archeo-landscapes using remote and close-range technologies

Stamenov, Stefan; Naydenova, Vanya
GNSS role in planning and conductance of terrain archaeological survey: technical aspects and methodology

Kang, Yeonkyung; Wu, Sehee; Ko, Young-A; Martin, Kathi; Ko, Hyeong-Seok
Digital Production of Traditional Costumes