EuroVR 2014 - Conference and Exhibition of the European Association of Virtual and Augmented Reality 2014

Soccini, Agata Marta; Marello, Manuela; Balossino, Nello; Bar, Christian; Basso, Valter; Lucenteforte, Maurizio; Perlo, Daniele; Racca, Filippo; Rocci, Lorenzo
Virtual Reality Interface for Multidisciplinary Physical Analysis of Space Vehicles

Nickel, Peter; Proeger, Eugen; Kergel, Rolf; Lungfiel, Andy
Development of a VR Planning Model of a River Lock for Risk Assessment in the Construction and Machinery Industry

Riviere, Jean-Baptiste de la; Castet, Julien
Simpler Interfaces for Better 3D Simulation

Verhille, Victor; Bayart, Benjamin; Piuzzi, Marc; Vartanian, Alexis
How to Easily Develop a VR Experience from a 3D Desktop Application Thanks to the TechViz TVZLib API

Hocke, Markus; Serna, Sebastian Pena; Wurster, Jan
Towards a New Platform Paradigm for Synergetic Virtual Environments

Pontonnier, Charles; Dumont, Georges; Duval, Thierry
Ergonomics and Virtual Reality: VISIONAIR Project Examples

Trakunsaranakom, Channarong; Marin, Philippe; Noel, Frederic
Assessment of Virtual Reality Environments for Design Activities

Iacob, Robert; Popescu, Diana; Noel, Frederic; Louis, Thibault; Masclet, Cedric; Maigrot, Patrick
Haptic Devices Evaluation for Industrial Use

Romano, Enrica; Todeschini, Mauro G.; Vigano, Giovanni P.; Sacco, Marco
DroneAGE: an Advanced Graphic Environment for Planning and Control of Drone Missions

Weidig, Christian; Mestre, D. R.; Israel, J. H.; Noel, F.; Perrot, V.; Aurich, J. C.
Classification of VR Interaction Techniques, Based on User Intention

Dhuieb, Mohamed Anis; Belkadi, Farouk; Laroche, Florent; Bernard, Alain
Thinking Factory for the Future: from PLM to Augmented Reality

Sagardia, Mikel; Stouraitis, Theodoros; Silva, Joao Lopes e
A New Fast and Robust Collision Detection and Force Computation Algorithm Applied to the Physics Engine Bullet: Method, Integration, and Evaluation

Mottura, Stefano; Sacco, Marco; Petruse, Radu Emanuil
Experiencing Infrastructures Sharing for International Research Activities

Haefner, Victor
PolyVR - A Virtual Reality Authoring System

Herrmann, Heiko; Padilla, Marcel; Pastorelli, Emiliano
A.C.T.I.V.E.: A Scalable Superellipsoid-based CFD Visualization for Virtual and Desktop Environments

D'Cruz, Mirabelle; Patel, Harshada; Lewis, Laura; Cobb, Sue
Feedback on In-flight Applications of Virtual Reality to Enhance Comfort in Future Aircraft

Haefner, Polina; Seessle, Julia; Duecker, Jana; Zienthek, Matthias; Szeliga, Filip
Interactive Visualization of Energy Efficiency Concepts Using Virtual Reality

Postelnicu, Cristian; Duguleana, Mihai; Garbacia, F.; Talaba, Doru
Towards P300 Based Brain Computer Interface for Computer Aided Design

Hoolhorst, Frederik W. B.; Rompay, Thomas J. L. van; Klooster, Roland ten; Roukema, Mees
Evaluating Shelf-ready Packaging Designs in a VR Environment

Dutra, Joatan Preis; Ebel, Ivana Raquel
Cultural hARitage: Augmented Reality applied on Cultural Heritage

Bergenti, Federico; Gotta, Danilo
Augmented Reality for Field Maintenance of Large Telecommunication Networks

Bordegoni, Monica; Ferrise, Francesco; Carrabba, Ernesto; Donato, Michele Di; Fiorentino, Michele; Uva, Antonio Emmanuele
An Application Based on Augmented Reality and Mobile Technology to Support Remote Maintenance

Gorbunov, Andrey L.; Terenzi, Alessandro; Terenzi, Graziano
Pocket-size Augmented Reality System for Flight Control

Poyade, Matthieu; Lysakowski, Anna; Anderson, Paul
Development of a Haptic Training Simulation for the Administration of Dental Anaesthesia based upon Accurate Anatomical Data

Picinali, Lorenzo; O'Sullivan, Liam; Cawthorne, Douglas
Audio Tactile Maps (ATM) System for Environmental Exploration by Visually-impaired Individuals

Hummel, Simon; Haefner, Victor; Haefner, Polina; Ovtcharova, Jivka
New Techniques for Hand Pose Estimation Based on Kinect Depth Data

Poorten, Emmanuel B. Vander; Perret, Jerome; Muyle, R.; Reynaerts, D.; Sloten, J. Vander; Pintelon, L.
To Feedback or not to Feedback - the Value of Haptics in Virtual Reality Surgical Training