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  • Extended Visual Programming for Complex Parallel Pipelines in ParaView 

    Petersen, Marvin; Lukasczyk, Jonas; Gueunet, Charles; Chabat, Timothée; Garth, Christoph (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    Modern visualization software facilitates the creation of visualization pipelines combining a plethora of algorithms to achieve high-fidelity visualization. When the complexity of the pipelines to be created increases, ...
  • Efficient Sphere Rendering Revisited 

    Gralka, Patrick; Reina, Guido; Ertl, Thomas (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    Glyphs are an intuitive way of displaying the results of atomistic simulations, usually as spheres. Raycasting of camera-aligned billboards is considered the state-of-the-art technique to render large sets of spheres in a ...
  • Parallel Compositing of Volumetric Depth Images for Interactive Visualization of Distributed Volumes at High Frame Rates 

    Gupta, Aryaman; Incardona, Pietro; Brock, Anton; Reina, Guido; Frey, Steffen; Gumhold, Stefan; Günther, Ulrik; Sbalzarini, Ivo F. (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    We present a parallel compositing algorithm for Volumetric Depth Images (VDIs) of large three-dimensional volume data. Large distributed volume data are routinely produced in both numerical simulations and experiments, yet ...
  • FunMC^2: A Filter for Uncertainty Visualization of Marching Cubes on Multi-Core Devices 

    Wang, Zhe; Athawale, Tushar M.; Moreland, Kenneth; Chen, Jieyang; Johnson, Chris R.; Pugmire, David (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    Visualization is an important tool for scientists to extract understanding from complex scientific data. Scientists need to understand the uncertainty inherent in all scientific data in order to interpret the data correctly. ...
  • A GPU-based Out-of-core Architecture for Interactive Visualization of AMR Time Series Data 

    Alexandre-Barff, Welcome; Deleau, Hervé; Sarton, Jonathan; Ledoux, Franck; Lucas, Laurent (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
    This paper presents a scalable approach for large-scale Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) time series interactive visualization. We can define AMR data as a dynamic gridding format of cells hierarchically refined from a ...
  • PGV 2023: Frontmatter 

    Bujack, Roxana; Pugmire, David; Reina, Guido (The Eurographics Association, 2023)
  • GraphWaGu: GPU Powered Large Scale Graph Layout Computation and Rendering for the Web 

    Dyken, Landon; Poudel, Pravin; Usher, Will; Petruzza, Steve; Chen, Jake Y.; Kumar, Sidharth (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    Large scale graphs are used to encode data from a variety of application domains such as social networks, the web, biological networks, road maps, and finance. Computing enriching layouts and interactive rendering play an ...
  • Design and Evaluation of a GPU Streaming Framework for Visualizing Time-Varying AMR Data 

    Zellmann, Stefan; Wald, Ingo; Sahistan, Alper; Hellmann, Matthias; Usher, Will (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    We describe a systematic approach for rendering time-varying simulation data produced by exa-scale simulations, using GPU workstations. The data sets we focus on use adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) to overcome memory bandwidth ...
  • A Flexible Data Streaming Design for Interactive Visualization of Large-Scale Volume Data 

    Wu, Qi; Doyle, Michael J.; Ma, Kwan-Liu (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    Modern simulations and experiments can produce massive amounts of high-fidelity data that are challenging to transport and visualize interactively. We have designed a data streaming system to support interactive visualization ...
  • Automatic In Situ Camera Placement for Isosurfaces of Large-Scale Scientific Simulations 

    Marsaglia, Nicole; Mathai, Manish; Fields, Stefan; Childs, Hank (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    High-performance computing trends are requiring in situ processing increasingly often. This work considers automating camera placement for in situ visualization, specifically of isosurfaces, which is needed when there is ...
  • Iterative Discrete Element Solver for Efficient Snow Simulation 

    Goswami, Prashant; Nordin, Adrian; Nylén, Simon (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    This paper presents a novel Discrete Element Method (DEM) on the GPU for efficient snow simulation. To this end, our approach employs an iterative scheme on particles that easily allows the snow density to vary vastly for ...
  • Massively Parallel Large Scale Inundation Modelling 

    Rak, Arne; Guthe, Stefan; Mewis, Peter (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    Over the last 20 years, flooding has been the most common natural disaster, accounting for 44.7% of all disasters, affecting about 1.65 billion people worldwide and causing roughly 105 thousand deaths†. In contrast to other ...
  • Rainbow: A Rendering-Aware Index for High-Quality Spatial Scatterplots with Result-Size Budgets 

    Bai, Qiushi; Alsudais, Sadeem; Li, Chen; Zhao, Shuang (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    We study the problem of computing a spatial scatterplot on a large dataset for arbitrary zooming/panning queries. We introduce a general framework called ''Rainbow'' that generates a high-quality scatterplot for a given ...
  • Profiling and Visualizing GPU Memory Access and Cache Behavior of Ray Tracers 

    Buelow, Max von; Riemann, Kai; Guthe, Stefan; Fellner, Dieter W. (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
    Graphical processing units (GPUs) have gained popularity in recent years due to their efficiency in running massively parallel applications. Recent developments have also adapted ray-tracing algorithms to the GPU, where ...
  • PGV 2022: Frontmatter 

    Bujack, Roxana; Tierny, Julien; Sadlo, Filip (The Eurographics Association, 2022)
  • Interactive Selection on Calculated Attributes of Large-Scale Particle Data 

    Wollet, Benjamin; Reinhardt, Stefan; Weiskopf, Daniel; Eberhardt, Bernhard (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    We present a GPU-based technique for efficient selection in interactive visualizations of large particle datasets. In particular, we address multiple attributes attached to particles, such as pressure, density, or surface ...
  • UnityPIC: Unity Point-Cloud Interactive Core 

    Wu, Yaocheng; Vo, Huy; Gong, Jie; Zhu, Zhigang (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    In this work, we present Unity Point-Cloud Interactive Core, a novel interactive point cloud rendering pipeline for the Unity Development Platform. The goal of the proposed pipeline is to expedite the development process ...
  • Faster RTX-Accelerated Empty Space Skipping using Triangulated Active Region Boundary Geometry 

    Wald, Ingo; Zellmann, Stefan; Morrical, Nate (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    We describe a technique for GPU and RTX accelerated space skipping of structured volumes that improves on prior work by replacing clustered proxy boxes with a GPU-extracted triangle mesh that bounds the active regions. ...
  • Evaluation of PyTorch as a Data-Parallel Programming API for GPU Volume Rendering 

    Marshak, Nathan X.; Grosset, A. V. Pascal; Knoll, Aaron; Ahrens, James; Johnson, Chris R. (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    Data-parallel programming (DPP) has attracted considerable interest from the visualization community, fostering major software initiatives such as VTK-m. However, there has been relatively little recent investigation of ...
  • Performance Tradeoffs in Shared-memory Platform Portable Implementations of a Stencil Kernel 

    Bethel, E. Wes; Heinemann, Colleen; Perciano, Talita (The Eurographics Association, 2021)
    Building on a significant amount of current research that examines the idea of platform-portable parallel code across different types of processor families, this work focuses on two sets of related questions. First, using ...

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