FloodVis: Visualization of Climate Ensemble Flood Projections in Virtual Reality
Marzan Tasnim Oyshi, Verena Maleska, Jochen Schanze, Franziskus Bormann, Raimund Dachselt, and Stefan Gumhold
Tornado Visualizer: Analyzing the Destructive Impact of Tornadoes in the United States
Nikolaj Hansen, Simon Lorentzen, Sofie Widell, Jakob Kusnick, and Stefan Jänicke
AtmoVis: Web Based Visualization of Air Quality Data with Interconnected Windows
Benjamin T. Powley, Craig Anslow, and David James Pearce
LiDAR Operation and Digital Modeling Visualization to Communicate Stormwater Management at Green Spaces in Developing Regions
Chien-Yu Lin, Aidan Ackerman, Douglas Johnston, Guohang Tian, and Yang Liu

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