Virtual Conference, December 2 – 4, 2020
(for Posters and Demos see ICAT-EGVE 2020 - Posters and Demos)

Haptic and Visual Perception
WeightSync: Proprioceptive and Haptic Stimulation for Virtual Physical Perception
Theophilus Teo, Fumihiko Nakamura, Maki Sugimoto, Adrien Verhulst, Gun A. Lee, Mark Billinghurst, and Matt Adcock
FrictGAN: Frictional Signal Generation from Fabric Texture Images using Generative Adversarial Network
Shaoyu Cai, Yuki Ban, Takuji Narumi, and Kening Zhu
On the Importance of Providing a Tangible Haptic Response for Training Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Virtual Reality
Mathias Delahaye, Boris Zbinden, Bruno Herbelin, and Ronan Boulic
A Review of Visual Perception Research in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality
Austin Erickson, Kangsoo Kim, Gerd Bruder, and Gregory F. Welch
Mixed Reality Applications
Virtual Reality Serious Game as an Assistive Technology to Support Pediatric Visual Perceptual Training
Yui Lo, Shufang Tan, Qinglan Shan, Yutong Wang, Mao Yan Chen, Xiaomei Nie, Qinggan Zeng, and Yuhan Dong
Projective Augmented Reality in a Museum: Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Application
David A. Plecher, Annalena Bloch, Tim Kaiser, and Gudrun Klinker
Evaluation and Comparison of Desktop Viewing and Headset Viewing of Remote Lectures in VR with Mozilla Hubs
Andrew Yoshimura and Christoph W. Borst
The Predictive Corridor: A Virtual Augmented Driving Assistance System for Teleoperated Autonomous Vehicles
Gaetano Graf, Yomna Abdelrahman, Hao Xu, Yasmeen Abdrabou, Dmitrij Schitz, Heinrich Hußmann, and Florian Alt
Avatars in Single and Multi User Experiences
Effect of Avatar Anthropomorphism on Body Ownership, Attractiveness and Collaboration in Immersive Virtual Environments
Geoffrey Gorisse, Charlotte Dubosc, Olivier Christmann, Sylvain Fleury, Killian Poinsot, and Simon Richir
Influence of Threat Occurrence and Repeatability on the Sense of Embodiment and Threat Response in VR
Rebecca Fribourg, Evan Blanpied, Ludovic Hoyet, Anatole Lécuyer, and Ferran Argelaguet
Virtual Avatars as Children Companions For a VR-based Educational Platform: How Should They Look Like?
Elsa Thiaville, Jean-Marie Normand, Joe Kenny, and Anthony Ventresque
A Systematic Literature Review of Embodied Augmented Reality Agents in Head-Mounted Display Environments
Nahal Norouzi, Kangsoo Kim, Gerd Bruder, Austin Erickson, Zubin Choudhary, Yifan Li, and Greg Welch
Navigation in Virtual Environments
On the Use of Jumping Gestures for Immersive Teleportation in VR
Lucie Kruse, Sungchul Jung, Richard Li, and Robert Lindeman
Comparison of Audio and Visual Cues to Support Remote Guidance in Immersive Environments
Fei Wu, Jerald Thomas, Shreyas Chinnola, and Evan Suma Rosenberg
Does the Control Law Matter? Characterization and Evaluation of Control Laws for Virtual Steering Navigation
Hugo Brument, Anne-Hélène Olivier, Maud Marchal, and Ferran Argelaguet
Reducing Motion Sickness Resulting From Movement inside Virtual Reality Environments
Mike Ramshaw and Steve Cutchin

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