17th annual Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), Paris, France, July 11-13
(for Posters see SCA 2018 - Posters)

Contact, Cloth, Collisions
Cable Joints
Matthias Müller, Nuttapong Chentanez, Stefan Jeschke, and Miles Macklin
Collision-Aware and Online Compression of Rigid Body Simulations via Integrated Error Minimization
Timothy Jeruzalski, John Kanji, Alec Jacobson, and David I. W. Levin
Time-Domain Parallelization for Accelerating Cloth Simulation
Junbang Liang and Ming C. Lin
Coupled Fluids
Distributing and Load Balancing Sparse Fluid Simulations
Chinmayee Shah, David Hyde, Hang Qu, and Philip Levis
Coupled Fluid Density and Motion from Single Views
Marie-Lena Eckert, Wolfgang Heidrich, and Nils Thuerey
An Efficient Solver for Two-way Coupling Rigid Bodies with Incompressible Flow
Mridul Aanjaneya
Learning Physically Based Humanoid Climbing Movements
Kourosh Naderi, Amin Babadi, and Perttu Hämäläinen
Robust Physics-based Motion Retargeting with Realistic Body Shapes
Mazen Al Borno, Ludovic Righetti, Michael J. Black, Scott L. Delp, Eugene Fiume, and Javier Romero
User-Guided Lip Correction for Facial Performance Capture
Dimitar Dinev, Thabo Beeler, Derek Bradley, Moritz Bächer, Hongyi Xu, and Ladislav Kavan
Fabrication and Strokes
Computational Design of Transformables
Ye Yuan, Changxi Zheng, and Stelian Coros
HairControl: A Tracking Solution for Directable Hair Simulation
Antoine Milliez, Robert W. Sumner, Markus Gross, and Bernhard Thomaszewski
FTP-SC: Fuzzy Topology Preserving Stroke Correspondence
Wenwu Yang, Hock-Soon Seah, Quan Chen, Hong-Ze Liew, and Daniel Sýkora
Elastic Objects
Cosserat Rods with Projective Dynamics
Carlota Soler, Tobias Martin, and Olga Sorkine-Hornung
Fast Corotated FEM using Operator Splitting
Tassilo Kugelstadt, Dan Koschier, and Jan Bender
Strain Rate Dissipation for Elastic Deformations
Rosa M. Sánchez-Banderas and Miguel A. Otaduy
Fluids with Particles
Liquid Splash Modeling with Neural Networks
Kiwon Um, Xiangyu Hu, and Nils Thuerey
MPM Simulation of Interacting Fluids and Solids
Xiao Yan, Chen-Feng Li, Xiao-Song Chen, and Shi-Min Hu
A Temporally Adaptive Material Point Method with Regional Time Stepping
Yu Fang, Yuanming Hu, Shi-Min Hu, and Chenfanfu Jiang