Educate to Visualize
Integrating Visualization Literacy into Computer Graphics Education Using the Example of Dear Data
Andrey Krekhov, Michael Michalski, and Jens Krüger
EduClust - A Visualization Application for Teaching Clustering Algorithms
Johannes Fuchs, Petra Isenberg, Anastasia Bezerianos, Matthias Miller, and Daniel Keim
Mapping Creative Coding Courses: Toward Bespoke Programming Curricula in Graphic Design Education
Stig Møller Hansen
Tool up for CG Education
A Parser-based Tool to Assist Instructors in Grading Computer Graphics Assignments
Carlos Andujar, Cristina Raluca Vijulie, and Alvar Vinacua
How to Write a Visualization Survey Paper: A Starting Point
Liam McNabb and Robert S. Laramee
Assessing Graphic Designers' Learning Style Profile to Improve Creative Coding Courses
Stig Møller Hansen
Foster Student 3D Creativity
Do contests improve students skills in Computer Graphics? The case of API8
Jean-Pascal Palus, Farès Belhadj, and Jean-Jacques Bourdin
A Breadth-First Introduction to VFX: A Holistic Approach for Teaching the Visual Effects Production Pipeline
Adam Redford, Melania Fodritto, and Eike Falk Anderson
Vegetable Matter Decay: An Exceptional Student 'Innovations' Project
Eike Falk Anderson, Bianca Cirdei, and Valery Adzhiev
Teaching Computer Graphics Based on a Commercial Product
Gregory Smith and Kelvin Sung

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