Brno, Czech Republic 4 June 2018

Session 1
Visual Analytics-enabled Bayesian Network Approach to Reasoning about Public Camera Data
Ekaterina Chuprikova, Alan M. MacEachren, Juliane Cron, and Liqiu Meng
Visualizing Uncertainty in Cultural Heritage Collections
Florian Windhager, Velitchko Andreev Filipov, Saminu Salisu, and Eva Mayr
Uncertainty Visualization: Recent Developments and Future Challenges in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Planning
Renata G. Raidou
Session 2
Toward Visualizing Subjective Uncertainty: A Conceptual Framework Addressing Perceived Uncertainty through Action Redundancy
Wei Li, Mathias Funk, and Aarnout C. Brombacher
Uncertainty of Visualizations for SenseMaking in Criminal Intelligence Analysis
M. Junayed Islam, Kai Xu, and B. L. W. Wong

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