Teaching: Transformations, Visualization, Image Processing
I3T: Using Interactive Computer Graphics to Teach Geometric Transformations
Petr Felkel, Alejandra J. Magana, Michal Folta, Alexa Gabrielle Sears, and Bedrich Benes
Incorporating Visualization Research in Introductory Programming Course: Case Studies
Sunghee Kim
Teaching Image-Processing Programming for Mobile Devices: A Software Development Perspective
Matthias Trapp, Sebastian Pasewaldt, Tobias Dürschmid, Amir Semmo, and Jürgen Döllner
Plugins and Effective Assignments
GL-Socket: A CG Plugin-based Framework for Teaching and Assessment
Carlos Andujar, Antonio Chica, Marta Fairén, and Alvar Vinacua
Teaching Spatial Augmented Reality: a Practical Assignment for Large Audiences
Brett Ridel, Patrick Reuter, and Nadine Couture
Turtle Fractals and Spirolaterals: Effective Assignments for Novice Graphics Programmers
Eike Falk Anderson
A Creative First Assignment in the Modern Graphics Pipeline
Elodie Fourquet and Lillian Pentecost
API-free or API-based Courses?
On the Pedagogy of Teaching Introductory Computer Graphics without Rendering APIs
Minsi Chen, Zhijie Xu, and Wayne Rippin

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