Recent Submissions

  • Open Issues in Photo-realistic Rendering 

    Purgathofer, Werner (Eurographics Association, 2003)
    For more than two decades Computer graphics researchers have tried to achieve photo-realism in their images as reliable as possible, mainly by simulating the physical laws of light and adding one effect after the other. ...
  • Freeform Shape Representations for Efficient Geometry Processing 

    Kobbelt, Leif (Eurographics Association, 2003)
    The most important concepts for the handling and storage of freeform shapes in geometry processing applications are parametric representations and volumetric representations. Both have their specific advantages and drawbacks. ...
  • Volumetric Filtering, Modeling and Visualization for Nano-Medicine 

    Bajaj, Chandrajit (Eurographics Association, 2015-11-12)
    The 3D structures of individual proteins or small complexes, such as most of the Protein Data Bank entries, are still unable to yield the ”full picture” of a functional biological complex. The study of large macromolecular ...