Recent Submissions

  • Rendering: Input and Output 

    Rushmeier, Holly (Eurographics Association, 2001)
    Rendering is the process of creating an image from numerical input data. In the past few years our ideas about methods for acquiring the input data and the form of the output have expanded. The availability of inexpensive ...
  • Are Points the Better Graphics Primitives? 

    Gross, Markus (Eurographics Association, 2001)
    Since the early days of graphics the computer based representation of three-dimensional geometry has been one of the core research fields. Today, various sophisticated geometric modelling techniques including NURBS or ...
  • Why Games Will Be the Preeminent Art Form of the 21st Century 

    Hecker, Chris (Eurographics Association, 2001)
    Computer games share many artistic and technical characteristics with films of the early 1900s. Games' artistic evolution is hampered by the lack of artistic respect from society at large, and the lack of technical standards ...