Recent Submissions

  • Interactive 3D Rendering and Visualization in Networked Environments 

    Martin, Ioana M.; Klosowski, James T.; Horn, William P. (Eurographics Association, 2000)
    Efficient delivery of 3D graphics over networks is becoming increasingly important for a number of applications, ranging from industrial design and manufacturing to entertainment. As companiesmake the transition from a ...
  • Dealing with Shape Complexity for Internet Access and Graphic Applications 

    Rossignac, Jarek (Eurographics Association, 2000)
    Standard representations of 3D models are so verbose that only very simple models can be accessed over common communication links for immediate viewing. This situation is not likely to improve, since the need for more ...
  • The modelling of growing natural forms 

    Jones, Huw; Kaandorp, Jaap (Eurographics Association, 2000)
    The tutorial introduces a variety of ways of modelling branching biological structures. Methods for generating plant like images, such as Diffusion Limited Aggregation and Iterated Function Systems are briefly discussed. ...
  • Geometric Modeling Based on Polygonal Meshesv 

    Kobbelt, Leif P.; Bischoff, Stephan; Botsch, Mario; Kähler, Kolja; Rössl, Christian; Schneider, Robert; Vorsatz, Jens (Eurographics Association, 2000)
    While traditional computer aided design (CAD) is mainly based on piecewise polynomial surface representations, the recent advances in the efficient handling of polygonal meshes have made available a set of powerful techniques ...
  • Volume Visualization and Volume Rendering Techniques 

    Meißner, M.; Pfister, H.; Westermann, R.; Wittenbrink, C.M. (Eurographics Association, 2000)
    There is a wide range of devices and scientific simulation generating volumetric data. Visualizing such data, ranging from regular data sets to scattered data, is a challenging task. This course will give an introduction ...
  • Framework Technologies and Methods for Large Data Visualization 

    Hewitt, W. T.; Curington,Ian (Eurographics Association, 2000)