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  • Splines for Engineers 

    Ohlin, S.C. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    This paper introduces the concept of interpolation consistency. It is claimed that this property is an essential one for splines that are intended for use in Computer Aided Design. Consistency is defined as the property ...
  • A New Algorithm for Contour-plotting 

    Brinkkernper, Sjaak; Hendriks, Harrie (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    A new algorithm for contour-plotting is introduced. The input function, tabulated or in a subroutine description, is approximated by an interpolation function. The contours of this approximating function are drawn piecewise ...
  • Interaction Management in CAD Systems with History Mechanism 

    Yamaguchi, Yasushi; Kimura, Fumihiko; Ten Hagen, Paul J. W. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    User friendliness is one of the unresolved problems in CAD systems. There are many possible directions for improving user friendliness. Understanding of the modeling process is one of the most important directions. It is ...
  • A Fast Antialiasing Method with a Z-Buffer 

    Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid; Peroche, Bernard (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    This paper describes a new antialiasing method when a z-buffer is used. Good quality antialiasing is achieved in spite of unavoidable approximations. Compared to an ordinary z-buffer, only a little extra memory space and ...
  • Dynamic Management of 3D Scenes 

    Hegron, Gerard (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    When simulating a moving observer or sensor in a 3D scene which contains a large number of objects, only the objects lying in the field of view or of interaction, named the local data base, have to be taken into account ...
  • An Intersection-Sensitive Hidden-Surface Algorithm 

    Devai, Ferenc (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    Given a set of pairwise disjoint planar polygonal faces with altogether N edges in the three-dimensional space. Let k be the number of intersection points of the projections of the edges in a projection plane, 0 < k < ...
  • The Clockworks: An Object-Oriented Computer Animation System 

    Breen, David E.; Getto, Phillip H.; Apodaca, Anthony A.; Schmidt, Daniel G.; Sarachan, Brion D. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    The Clockworks is an object-oriented computer animation system developed at RPl's Center for Interactive Computer Graphics (CICG). The Clockworks has the ability to model and graphically simulate complex 3-D engineering ...
  • A Shareable Centralised Database of KRT3 - A Hierarchical Graphics System Based on PHIGS 

    Howard, Toby (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    The Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System (PHIGS), currently under development by ISO, is a specification of a set of functions for device-independent computer graphics programming, supporting dynamic ...
  • A Metric for Computing Adaptive Detail in Animated Scenes Using Object-Oriented Programming 

    Blake, Edwin H. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    A spatial metric for adapting the level of detail in a modelled object to achieve a convincing degree of realism on a display is formulated and illustrated with a simple implementation. This spatial metric is designed to ...
  • Viz: A Production System Based User Interface Management System 

    van Harmelen, Mark; Wilson, Stephanie M. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    A production system based User Interface Management System (UIMS) is discussed. The UIMS, called Viz, has been designed and implemented in a windowed workstation environment, and (a) capitalises on the graphical facilities ...
  • Designing a System to Provide Graphical User Interfaces: The THESEUS Approach 

    Huebner, W.; Lux-Mulders, G.; Muth, M. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    This paper presents the design of THESEUS, a system for programming graphical user interfaces especially targetted at the area of software engineering. Starting with the special needs and requirements that arise in this ...
  • Display of Solid Models with a Multi-Processor System 

    Jansen, Frederik W.; Sutherland, Robert J. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    There is a growing need for fast high-quality display of solid objects. Recently-developed custom-VLSI hardware offers high-speed display but lacks the flexibility and processing power at the pixel level to sustain the ...
  • An Automatic Interpolation Method of Grayvalued Images Utilizing Density Contour Lines 

    Agui, Takeshi; Saito, Minoru; Nakajima, Masayuki; Arai, Yukihiro (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    This paper presents an automatic method of interpolation or inbetweening for gray valued images, which have been difficult to be processed automatically. The method consists of three parts. The first i s the extraction of ...
  • An Approach to the Formal Specification of Configurable Models of Graphics Systems 

    Arnold, D.B.; Duce, D.A.; Reynolds, G.J (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    This paper describes a general framework for the formal specification of modular graphics systems. The approach is illustrated by an example taken from the Graphical Kernel System (GKS) and uses the Z specification notation.
  • A Means to Improve the GKS-3D/PHIGS Output Pipeline Implementation 

    Herman, Ivan; Reviczky, Janos (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    The output pipeline of GKS-3D/PHIGS isexamined to find some possible points where the implementation could be improved to raise efficiency while remaining strictly within the scope of the Standards. Some interesting results ...
  • A New Scan Line Algorithm for the Rendering of CGS Trees 

    Pueyo, Xavier; Mendoza, Joan Carles (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    A scan line algorithm is proposed to render CSG modelled solids. Scan planes intersections are obtained by means of a proposed generalisation of Porter’s algorithm. 2-D scan plane primitives are decomposed in a way that ...
  • 3D Models in Computer-Assisted Chemistry 

    Roch, Michel; Cretegny, Isabelle; Weber, Jacques (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    Novel and efficient algorithms have been developed in order to display on a raster scan device some basic 3D models used in computer-assisted chemistry. They allow, among other things, the construction and manipulation of ...
  • Unifying Vector and Polygon Algorithms for Scan Conversion and Clipping 

    Kilgour, AIistair (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    In both scan conversion and clipping, algorithm for dealing with polygons are generally presented independently of those for vectors, although many of the operations performed are similar. This paper shows how polygon ...
  • Bezier Patches with Local Shape Control Parameters 

    Schmitt, Francis J. M.; Du, Wen-Hui (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    In this paper, we introduce three types of shape control parmeters (tension, bias, and continuity) into the modelling of free-form surfaces composed of bicubic Bernstein-Bezier patches. This is an extension to surfaces of ...
  • A Temporal Scripting Language for Object-Oriented Animation 

    Fiume, E.; Tsichritzis, D.; Dami, L. (Eurographics Association, 1987)
    Object orientation and concurrency are inherent to computer animation. Since the pieces of an animation can come from various media such as computer-generated imagery, video, and sound, the case for object orientation is ...

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