Full Papers - Analysis & Interpretation (I/II)
An Automatic Word-spotting Framework for Medieval Manuscripts
Ruggero Pintus, Ying Yang, Enrico Gobbetti and Holly Rushmeier
Surface Shape Studies of the Art of Paul Gauguin
Oliver Cossairt, Jack Tumblin, Xiang Huang, Harriet Stratis, Mary Broadway, Greg Bearman, Eric Doehne, Marc Walton, Nathan Matsuda, Aggelos Katsaggelos and Dale Kronkright
An integrated Survey Experience for Assessing the Seismic Vulnerability of Senigallia's Fortress (Italy) - Documentation for Conservation and FEM Modeling
Alessandra Meschini, Graziano Leoni, Enrica Petrucci, Filippo Sicuranza, Alessandro Zona, Quintilio Piattoni, Luigino Dezi and Andrea Dall'Asta
A Mono-instrumental Approach to High-quality 3D Reality-based Semantic Models. Application on the Palladio Library
Marco Gaiani, Fabrizio I. Apollonio, Paolo Clini and Ramona Quattrini
Interactive Segmentation of Rock-Art in High-Resolution 3D Reconstructions
Matthias Zeppelzauer, Georg Poier, Markus Seidl, Christian Reinbacher, Christian Breiteneder, Horst Bischof and Samuel Schulter
Unraveling the Classic Proportions Through the Anthropometric Analysis of the Architectural Heritage The Case of the Pantheon
Francisco Javier Roldan-Medina
Studying Shape Semantics of an Architectural Moulding Collection - Classifying Style Based on Shape Analysis Methods
Karina Rodriguez Echavarria and Ran Song
VisProcH - Visual Reasoning Process for Heritage Valuation
Arantza Respaldiza and Monica Wachowicz
Short Papers - Understanding, Representing and Visualizing Architectures
Exploration of the Changing Structure of Cities: Challenges for Temporal City Models
Clémentine Périnaud, Gilles Gesquière and Georges Gay
BIM: An Integrated Model for Planned and Preventive Maintenance of Architectural Heritage
Luigi Fregonese, Cristiana Achille, Andrea Adami, Francesco Fassi, Anna Spezzoni and Laura Taffurelli
4D Investigation of Digital Heritage - An Interactive Application for the Auxiliary Fortress of Carnuntum
Torrejón Valdelomar Juan, Kucera Matthias, Mario Wallner, Joachim Brandtner, Vlad Sandici and Wolfgang Neubauer
Procedural Modeling for Ancient Maya Cityscapes - Initial Methodological Challenges and Solutions
Heather Richards-Rissetto and Rachel Plessing
A 3D Kinematic Model for Assessing the Seismic Capacity of the Frigidarium of the Baths of Diocletian
Aaron Sadholz, Christopher Muir and Renato Perucchio
GIS Intelligence for a Cutting-edge Management of 3D Cities
Laura Baratin, Sara Bertozzi and Elvio Moretti
Moravian School in Digital Catalogue of 'Cultural Monuments in Serbia'
Sandra Vujošević, Marija Šegan and Jelena Jovanović
Short Papers - Analysis of 2D/3D Documents
Automated Color Clustering for Medieval Manuscript Analysis
Ying Yang, Ruggero Pintus, Enrico Gobbetti and Holly Rushmeier
Morphological Analysis of Shape Semantics from Curvature-based Signatures
Anthony Pamart, David Lo Buglio and Livio De Luca
Assistive Visual Framing in 3D Dense Points Cloud
Zaynab Habibi, Guillaume Caron and El Mustapha Mouaddib
Analyzing the Evolution of Deterioration Patterns - A First Step of an Image-based Approach for Comparing Multitemporal Data Sets
Friederike Peteler, Eloi Gattet, Philippe Bromblet, Odile Guillon, Jean-Marc Vallet and Livio De Luca
3DHOG for Geometric Similarity Measurement and Retrieval for Digital Cultural Heritage Archives
Katharina van Eckeren, Reimar Tausch, Pedro Santos and Dieter Fellner
Precise 3D Recording for Finite Element Analysis
Ilias Kalisperakis, Christos Stentoumis, Lazaros Grammatikopoulos, Maria Eleni Dasiou and Ioannis N. Psycharis
Poster Presentations I
Building Information Modelling for Historical Building Historic Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
Ahmad Baik and Jan Boehm
Mass Customization for Cultural Heritage 3D Models
Matthieu Quantin, Benjamin Hervy, Florent Laroche and Jean-Louis Kerouanton
From knowledge to Complex Representation - Interpretation of Material Systems, Survey Guidelines and its Reading Criteria, Multi-Representations of Virtual 3D City Models for Cultural Heritage
Alessandro De Masi
Multidisciplinary Investigations on the Byzantine Oratory of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in Syracuse
Antonino Cosentino, Mariateresa Galizia, Cettina Santagati, Carmelo Scandurra, Mariarita Sgarlata and Samantha Stout
Mapping Identity with Geo-technology: Montelupo/Italy Versus Santa Leopoldina/Brazil
Bruno Amaral de Andrade and Renata Hermanny de Almeida
A Survey of Column-leaning in Korean Traditional Wooden Architecture Structures Using 3D Scandata - With a Focus on the Columns of the Sungryeoljeon in Namhansanseong
Dai Whan An and Hyun Woo Yang
3D Visualisation of Archaeological Structures from Geophysical Explorations in Alarcos site Sector III (Ciudad Real)
José Luis Sánchez, Jesús Sánchez and Óscar Merlo
INSIDDE Project - Unveiling the Secrets of Art Through Graphene-based Terahertz Technologies
Insidde Consortium and Javier Gutiérrez Meana
An Ontological Model for Conservation-restoration of Cultural Objects
Cheikh Niang, Elise Leboucher, Luc Bouiller, Christine Capderou and Claudia Marinica
Exploiting Program Guides for Contextualisation
Lotte Baltussen, Themistoklis Karavellas and Roeland Ordelman
Reconstructing a Historical Temporary Structure - Henry VIII's Pop-up-Palace
Phil Morris and Stephanie Marsh
Documentation and 3D Modeling of Railway Industrial Heritage - Study of the Cajo-Santander Locomotive Shed
Oscar Jesús Cosido Cobos, José Luís Lalana Soto, Leticia Terán, Massimiliano Campi, Raffaele Catuogno, Lucia Hernández Ramírez, José Pereda Llamas and Esteban Sainz Vidal
Integrating Traditional Methods with New Technologies
Maria Cristina Manzetti, Panagiotis Parthenios and Apostolos Sarris
Interdisciplinary Workflow for Virtual Archaeology
Nika Luznik and Michael Klein
Palazzo Raimondi in Cremona - 3D Survey and Diagnostic Tests for the Knowledge of Construction Techniques and Historical Materials
Alessio Cardaci, Antonella Versaci and Giulio Mirabella Roberti
Works in Progress - Experience, Interpretation, Learning & Intangible Heritage
AMICA - Virtual Reality as a Tool for Learning and Communicating the Craftsmanship of Engraving
Marcello Carrozzino, Cristian Lorenzini, Chiara Evangelista, Franco Tecchia and Massimo Bergamasco
Knowledge-based Approach for the 3D Modeling of Masonry Structures
Kevin Jacquot, Tommy Messaoudi and Livio De Luca
Managing Digital Heritage - an Analysis of the Education and Training Curriculum for Africa's Archives and Records Professionals
Shadrack Katuu and Mpho Ngoepe
Create Your Menu - Discovering Traditional Recipes
Isabella Gagliardi and Maria Teresa Artese
Archive To Repertoire - Motion Capture and Motion Sensing Data for Digital Intangible Heritage (DIH)
Muqeem Khan
Carousel Rides - New Tools for Navigation in Intangible Cultural Heritage
Maria Teresa Artese and Isabella Gagliardi
The Lost of Myth in the Digital Age - A Study Based on Investigation of China's Guangxi Province
Huaxiang He
Digital Exhibitions, a Powerful Tool for Cultural Institutions Audience Development - The Athenaplus-supported International Working Group on Digital Exhibitions
Giuliana De Francesco, Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Maria Teresa Natale and Werner Schweibenz
Poster Presentations II
A.I.M. - Advanced Interactive Map
Nicola Maiellaro
Quantitative + Qualitative Information for Heritage Conservation An Open Science Research for paving 'collaboratively' the way to Historical-BIM
Jorge Garcia Fernandez, Joutsiniemi Anssi, Yushin Ahn and Juan Jose Fernandez
Virtuuvius - Automated Drawing of Temple Architecture According to Vitruvius - the Case of the Temple of Hercules in Celje, Slovenia
Maja Jerala
GIS Applications for Environmental Archaeology and Historical Ecology - Problems and Potentialities. The Case Study of Punta Mesco (Cinque Terre National Park - Italy)
Nicola Gabellieri, Alessandro Panetta and Valentina Pescini
Time-based Database for Creation of Korean Traditional Wooden Building
Jongwook Lee, Jihyung Lee, Jae Woo Kim, Kyung-Kyu Kang, Man Hee Lee and Boncheol Goo
Ceramics and 3D Technology: A Medieval Assemblage from Nemea, Greece
Effie Athanassopoulos and Kim Shelton

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