Full Papers - Multispectral Imaging & Rendering
Illumination Compensation for High-resolution Multispectral Image Mosaicing of Herritage Paintings
Alexandru Duliu, Vogel Jakob, Sister Serafima, Tobias Lasser and Nassir Navab
Color and Hyperspectral Image Segmentation for Historical Documents
Irina Mihaela Ciortan, Hilda Deborah, Sony George and Jon Yngve Hardeberg
The WAVEcam: Ultra-High Resolution Imaging of Paintings
Samantha Stout, James Strawson, Eric Lo and Falko Kuester
Full Papers - Visualizing the Invisible or the Inaccessible (I/II)
Near Light Correction for Image Relighting and 3D Shape Recovery
Xiang Huang, Marc Walton, Greg Bearman and Oliver Cossairt
Alchemy in 3D - A Digitization for a Journey Through Matter
Marco Callieri, Paolo Pingi, Marco Potenziani, Matteo Dellepiane, Gaia Pavoni, Aurelia Lureau and Roberto Scopigno
The Etruscans and the Afterlife - An Engaging Exhibition with Accurate Scientific, Technological and Communicative Requirements
Antonella Guidazzoli, Silvano Imboden, Daniele De Luca, Maria Chiara Liguori, Luigi Verri, Giovanni Bellavia, Alfonsina Russo, Maria Anna De Lucia and Rita Cosentino
Digital Study and Web-based Documentation of the Colour and Gilding on Ancient Marble Artworks
Eliana Siotto, Gianpaolo Palma, Marco Potenziani and Roberto Scopigno
The Palmieri Hypogeum in Lecce - From the Integrated Survey to the Dissemination of Contents
Francesco Gabellone, Ivan Ferrari and Francesco Giuri
Improved Appearance Rendering for Photogrammetrically Acquired 3D Models
Seth Berrier, Michael Tetzlaff, Michael Ludwig and Gary Meyer
Full Papers - Interaction with Virtual Worlds
Engaging and Shared Gesture-based Interaction for Museums - The Case Study of K2R International Expo in Rome
Bruno Fanini, Enzo D'Annibale, Emanuel Demetrescu, Alfonsina Pagano and Daniele Ferdani
Tangible Interfaces for Digital Museum Applications
Daniel Pletinckx, Carlotta Capurro and Dries Nollet
Exploring the Past with Google Cardboard
Adeola Fabola, Alan Miller and Richard Fawcett
Short Papers - Augmented Reality & Interaction
Heritage Move. A Natural and Lightweight Navigation Schema for Low-Cost, Non-Stationary Immersive Virtual Environments
Manuel Olbrich, Jens Keil and Thomas Makiela
Parallax Occlusion Mapping in Augmented Reality Case Study on Facade of Sino Portuguese Architecture Phuket, Thailand
Kosin Kalarat
Smartphone-based Remote 3D Interaction for Digital Heritage Applications
Alejandro Rodríguez and Alejandro León
Short Papers - Virtual CH on Mobile and Web Platforms (I/II)
Mobile Onsite Exploration of Parallel Realities with Oculus Rift
Chris Davies, Alan Miller and Richard Fawcett
An Immersive Visualization Kit for Online 3D Objects Databases
Violette Abergel, Renato Saleri, Hervé Lequay and Livio De Luca
VirtualTour: A System for Exploring Cultural Heritage Sites in an Immersive Way
Luigi Malomo, Francesco Banterle, Paolo Pingi, Francesco Gabellone and Roberto Scopigno
A Hand-held 3D-Printed Box Projector - Study for a Souvenir from a Mixed-Reality Experience
Daniele Rossi
Augmented Reality and Storytelling in Heritage - Application to Public Gardens
Francisco Guimaraes, Mauto Figueiredo and Jose Rodrigues
Engaging Community Members with Digitally Curated Social Media Content at an Arts Festival
Patrick C. Shih, Kyungsik Han and John Carroll
Inside AR Application - Bringing Art Closer to Citizens by Promoting the Use of Smartphones and Tablets
José Antonio Sánchez, Marcos Fernández and Javier Gutiérrez
The Application of Service Orientation on a Mobile AR Platform - A Museum Scenario
Sasithorn Rattanarungrot, Martin White and Ben Jackson
Smart Devices for Intangible Cultural Heritage Fruition
Alessandro Pozzebon and Silvia Calamai
A Contextualized Educational Museum Experience - Connecting Objects, Places and Themes Through Mobile Virtual Museums
Holger Graf, Jens Keil, Timo Engelke, Alfonsina Pagano and Sofia Pescarin
Poster Presentations I
Resolving the Conflict Between High Visual Quality and High Performance in Virtual Reality Applications Keys to Rome Project as Case Study
Mohamed Khalil, Karim Omar and Sameh Oransa
Enabling Social Interaction in the Museum through the Social Display Environment
Paloma Diaz, Andrea Bellucci and Ignacio Aedo
Innovative Systems for the Enjoyment of Pictorial Works - The Experience of Gallerie dell'Accademia Museum in Venice
Davide Pantile, Roberto Frasca, Antonio Mazzeo, Matteo Ventrella and Giovanni Verreschi
Interactive Experiences in the Stedelijk Museum, A Living Lab Experiment with the CHESS Framework
Maria Vayanou, Akrivi Katifori, Vassilis Kourtis, Erna Bomers and Niels de Jong
The Lion's Gate and the Persian Wall in Byblos - Opening the Doors of Digital Representation to the Cultural Heritage of a Resilient City in Lebanon
Simone Garagnani, Luisa Bravo and José Manuel Pagés Madrigal
Digital Panorama
Davide Borra
Sarcophagus of the Spouses Installation - Intersection Across Archaeology, 3D Video Mapping and Holographic Techniques Combined with Immersive Narrative Environments and Scenography
Franz Fischnaller, Antonella Guidazzoli, Silvano Imboden, Daniele De Luca, Maria Chiara Liguori, Alfonsina Russo, Maria Anna De Lucia and Rita Cosentino
High-Quality Point Based Rendering Using Fast Single Pass Interpolation
Markus Schütz and Michael Wimmer
Virtual Museums and Audience Studies, the Case of ''Keys To Rome'' Exhibition
Alfonsina Pagano, Giulia Armone and Elisabetta De Sanctis
A Realistic Gamification Attempt for the Ancient Agora of Athens
Georgia Kontogianni and Andreas Georgopoulos
The Digital ArchiMusic Patterns in Alhambra
Osama Elrawi
Environment Map Based Lighting for Reflectance Transformation Images
Michael Ludwig and Gary Meyer
VR Multiple Channel Authoring with Immersive Display
Mohamed Farouk, Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim and Karam Mustafa
A Location-Based Augmented Reality System for the Spatial Interaction with Historical Datasets
Daniel Pacheco, Sytse Wierenga, Pedro Omedas, Habbo Knoch, Stephanie Billib, Stefan Wilbricht and Paul Verschure
A Radicalized Phenomenological Transformation Of Greek/Unani Humoral Theory Into A Virtual Reality Based Game Engine
Muqeem Khan
Works in Progress
User Experiences in Three Approaches to a Visit to a 3D Labyrinthe of Versailles
Copper Giloth and Jonathan Tanant
Using a Gaming Software for Historical Road and Path Research
Willem Vletter
Travelling Through Space and Time in Lisbon's Religious Buildings
João Gouveia, Fernando Branco, Armanda Rodrigues and Nuno Correia
A Virtual Reality Platform for the 3D Representation of Seokguram Temple
Park Jinho, Muhammad Tufail and Kim Jisoo
Leicester Castle Tells its Story: Beacon-based Mobile Interpretation for Historic Buildings
Giasemi Vavoula, Maria-Anna Tseliou, Sally Coleman, Rheinallt Ffoster-Jones, Paul Long and Esther Simpson
A Fulldome Interactive Visitor Experience - A Novel Approach to Delivering Interactive Virtual Heritage Experiences to Group Audiences in Full Dome Projection Spaces, Evaluated Through Spatial Awareness and Emotional Response
John Tredinnick and Paul Richens
Poster Presentations II
StoryTECH 4 EVER - Storytelling TECHnologies for European Values and hERitage
Sara Monaci, Domenico Morreale, Gianluca Cuniberti, Mariano Equizzi and Andrea Sanna
New Memory Spaces for Cultural History - Digital Heritage Games in a Augmented World
Susanne Haake and Wolfgang Müller
A MetaViewer for Sharing Multiple Media by WebGL-based Interfaces
Laurent Bergerot
Development of a Low-Cost Application of Virtual Reality for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage
Javier Esclapés, Daniel Tejerina, Alejandro Martín and Laia Fabregat
X-Top - An Interactive Exhibition for Building Experience with Mini-Components of Stone Pagoda
Kyung-Kyu Kang, Jihyung Lee, Chang Joon Park, Jae Woo Kim and Man Hee Lee

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