Full Papers
The Venice ''Archivio di Stato'' - Innovating Digitization with X-Ray Tomography
Fauzia Albertin, Eva Peccenini, Yeukuang Hwu, Tsung-Tse Lee, Edwin B. L. Ong, Jung Ho Je, Frédéric Kaplan and Giorgio Margaritondo
Robust Segmentation of Historical Parchment XMT Images for Virtual Unrolling
Chang Liu, Paul Rosin, Yu-Kun Lai and Weiduo Hu
3D and Challenging Materials
Aurore Mathys, Jonathan Brecko, Didier Van den Spiegel and Patrick Semal
One Man's Trash: Using XRF to Recreate Ancient Narratives from Metallurgical Waste Heaps in Southern Jordan
Brady Liss and Thomas Levy
Customised OCR Correction for Historical Medical Text
Paul Thompson, John Mcnaught and Sophia Ananiadou
Short Papers - Virtual Reconstruction
3D Reconstruction for Museums and Scattered Collections (Applied Research for the Alexandre Lenoir's Museum of French Monuments)
Camille Autran and François Guéna
Reflected Infrared Imaging: Revisiting the Fundamentals
E. Keats Webb
The Virtual Recontruction of an Ancient Musical Instrument: The Aulos of Selinus
Angela Bellia
A New Way to Enrich Museum Experience Through X-ray Tomography The Diagnostic Study of a Wax Anatomical Model of the 18th Century Made by Anna Morandi Manzolini
Eva Peccenini, Matteo Bettuzzi, Rosa Brancaccio, Franco Casali, Maria Pia Morigi, Laura Piro, Viviana Lanzarini, Antonio Todero, Luisa Leonardi and Elios Sequi
Reconstruction of the Woodblock Using Three-dimensional Scanning and Computer Numerical Control Machining
Joo-Pyo Hong, Zongming Zhang and Jiho Han
Documentation and Preservation of an Iron Age Site Through Photogrammetry - The Case of Monte Bernorio
David Vacas Madrid, Elina Rodríguez Millán and Jesús Francisco Torres Martínez
Remote Sensing Applied to the Study of the Cultural and Natural Heritage in the Mesoamerican Corridor
Juan Gregorio Rejas and Javier Bonatti
Three Modes of a Monument's 3D Virtual Reconstruction - The Case of Yali Tzamisi in Chania, Crete
Panagiotis Parthenios, Alexandros Petinarelis, Sofia Loussa and Nicky Efraimidou
Short Papers - Architectures
Battery Aachen - Using Landscape Reconstruction for On-site Exploration of a World War One Military Unit
Dries Nollet, Daniel Pletinckx and Carlotta Capurro
Fusion of 3D Data from Different Image-based and Range-based Sources for Efficient Heritage Recording
Estibaliz Muñumer and José Luis Lerma
Virtual 3D Reconstruction of Plans-Reliefs from Historical Document Analysis for Valorisation Applications
Gilles Halin, Christine Chevrier, Kevin Jacquot, Pascal Humbert and Senda Ben Bouheni
GIS-Based Mapping of Archaeological Sites with Low-Altitude Aerial Photography and Structure from Motion - a Case Study from Southern Jordan
Matthew Howland, Brady Liss, Mohammad Najjar and Thomas Levy
Integrative 3D Recording Methods of Historic Architecture - Burg Hohenecken Castle from Southwest Germany
Aaron Pattee, Bernhard Höfle, Christian Seitz
Application of 3D Technology For The Documentation of Late Medieval Wall Paintings in the Church of St. George in Lovran, Croatia
Kristina Krulić and Zlatan Novak
The Recording of Two Late Roman Towers, Archaeological Museum, Milan
Paul Blockley and Simona Morandi
Bridging Monuments Through Digital Repository and Graphic Reconstruction Methodologies, The Digital Enhancement Project of Argolid, Arcadia and Corinthia Castles, Greece
Demetrios Athanasoulis, Xeni Simou, Antonios Georgiou, Anna Sfika, Vasiliki Klotsa, Theodora Zirogianni, Chrysostomos Theodoropoulos and Eleni-Olga Deligianni
Poster Presentations
Crowd-sourced Mobile Phone Images For Built Heritage Conservation Monitoring
Greg Bearman, Wensen Ma, Marc Walton, Oiver Cossairt and Eric Doehne
Photogrammetric Surveying and Stereotomy - The East Hall of the Palace of Charles V in Granada
Macarena Salcedo Galera, José Calvo López and Anand Shah Kalpeshbhai
A Light Carbon Crane as an Alternative Approach for Vertical Structures and Facade Surveying
Renato Saleri, Hervé Lequay and Livio De Luca
3D Reconstruction with Fisheye Images: Strategies to Survey Complex Heritage Buildings
João Covas, Victor Ferreira and Luís Mateus
Comparison of Normalized Transfer Functions for Fast Blending-based Color Correction of Scans Acquired Under Natural Conditions
Arnaud Schenkel and Olivier Debeir
The Virtual Reconstruction of the Minaret of Mansourah Mosque (Algeria)
Sara Morena
Representation of the Santander Cathedral by Combination of Different Smart Techniques
Óscar J. Cosido, Leticia Terán, Massimiliano Campi, Raffaele Catuogno, Óscar Ruiz, Jesús M. Sendino, Pedro Sarabia, José Pereda and Andrés Iglesias
Geometry to Web - Jaen's Cathedral
Gregorio Soria Tirado, Lidia Ortega Alvarado and Francisco R. Feito Higaruela
A New Approach to Digitalization and Data Management of Cultural Heritage Sites
Vittorio Amos Ziparo, Fabio Cottefoglie, Daniele Calisi, Francesca Giannone, Giorgio Grisetti, Bastian Leibe, Marc Proesmans, Paolo Salonia, Luc Van Gool, Claudia Ventura and Cyrill Stachniss
A Comparison of Digital Modelling Techniques Analyzing a Section of Qhapaq Ñan
Saúl Retamozo, Fernando Zvietcovich, Diego Arce, Matias Quintana, Sergio Angeles,Benjamin Castañeda and Rafael Aguilar
Optimizing UAV Systems for Rapid Survey and Reconstruction of Large Scale Cultural Heritage Sites
Dominique Meyer, Elioth Fraijo, Eric Kwok Cheung Lo, Dominique Rissolo and Falko Kuester
Bringing Collections to the Digital Era - 3 Examples of Integrated High Resolution Digitisations Projects
Aurore Mathys, Jonathan Brecko, Didier Van den Spiegel, Laurence Cammaert and Patrick Semal
Application of georeferenced Archaeological Information Systems for Archaeological Digital Heritage - The Auxiliary Fortress of Carnuntum (Lower Austria)
Mario Wallner, Torrejón Valdelomar Juan, Wolfgang Neubauer, Matthias Kucera, Joachim Brandtner and Vlad Sandici
Recovering the History of Bergen Belsen Using an Interactive 3D Reconstruction in a Mixed Reality Space: the Role of Pre-knowledge on Memory Recollection
Laura Serra Oliva, Anna Mura, Alberto Betella, Enrique Martinez and Paul Verschure
Works in Progress
Digitizing the Culture of Beijing - An Introduction of the Memories of Beijing Project
Jihong Liang, Linqing Ma and Yunpeng Wu
Crowd-sourcing the 3D Digital Reconstructions of Lost Cultural Heritage
Matthew Vincent, Chance Coughenour, Fabio Remondino, Mariano Flores Gutiérrez, Victor Manuel Lopez-Menchero Bendicho and Dieter Fritsch
PATRINAT - The Drawings in Buffon's Histoire Naturelle, Towards a Digitized Heritage
Laugee Thierry
OCHRE a Powerful Tool for Culture Historical Research - A Chronological Model for Historical Roads and Paths
Willem Vletter
The Chimu Offerings - Integration of Applied Science and New Media in the Preservation and Dissemination of Prehispanic Heritage
Cecilia Vilca, Luis Enrique Castillo, Gladys Ocharan Velasquez and Marco Sarmento
Minor Harbours of the East Coast of Ireland
Elizabeth Shotton
Novel Application of 3D Documentation Techniques at a Submerged Late Pleistocene Cave Site in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Dominique Rissolo, Alberto Nava Blank, Vid Petrovic, Roberto Chavez Arce, Corey Jaskolski, Pilar Luna Erreguerena and James C. Chatters
Nuragic Sacred Well of Santa Cristina in Sardinia - From the 3D Survey Analysis to Labour Investment
Lola Vico and Sorin Hermon

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