Günter Enderle Award Winners 2000 - 2003

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Günter Enderle [Best Paper] Award
Reanimating Faces in Images and Video
V. Blanz, C. Basso, T. Poggio, T. Vetter
P. Cignoni, F. Ganovelli, E. Gobbetti, F. Marton, F. Ponchio, R. Scopigno
Y. Bando, B.-Y. Chen, T. Nishita
S. Bischoff, L. Kobbelt
Günter Enderle [Best Paper] Award
Space-Optimized Texture Maps
Laurent Balmelli, Gabriel Taubin, Fausto Bernardini
Best Paper Award - 2nd Prize
Intrinsic Parameterizations of Surface Meshes
Mathieu Desbrun, Mark Meyer, Pierre Alliez
Vincent Scheib, Jörg Haber, Ming C. Lin, Hans-Peter Seidel
Michael Wand, Wolfgang Strasser
Günter Enderle [Best Paper] Award, Best Student Paper Award
Instant Visibility
P Wonka, M Wimmer and FX. Sillion
I Wald, P Slusallek, C Benthin and M Wagner
R Shacked and D Lischinski
Günter Enderle [Best Paper] Award
External Memory View-Dependent Simplification
J. El-Sana and Y.-J. Chiang
Best Paper Award - 2nd Prize, Best Student Paper Award
Real Time, Accurate, Multi-Featured Rendering of Bump Mapped Surfaces
M. Tarini, P. Cignoni, C. Rocchini and R. Scopigno
Kobbelt, Leif P. and Bareuther, Thilo and Seidel, Hans-Peter


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