Issue 4

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Change of Chief Editor

Duce, David

GKS in Pascal

Slater, M.

An Algorithm for Constructing a Quadtree from Polygonal Regions

Casciani, T.
Falcidieno, B.
Fasciolo, G.
Pienovi, C.

Proposal for GKS Output Level 3 Segment Hierarchy and Editing

Steinhart, Jonathan E

More on Computer Graphics Metafile Coding Efficiency

Schoenhut, J.

Computer Graphics Metafile Coding Efficiency

Straayer, D.
Maynard, J.

PHIGS - Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System

Hewitt, W.T.


Hopgood, F.R.A.

Metafile Standards

Osland, C.D.
Francis, A.H.

Report on Dialogue Specification Tools

Green, Mark

Computer Art

Truckenbrod, Joan

EUROGRAPHICS ’85 at the Acropolis - Nice

Book Reviews

Calendar of Events

Report on the ANSC X3H3 Meeting at Carmel, Oct lst-5th ’84

Arnold, D.B.

EUROGRAPHICS Individual Membership - USA Payment

Press Release by ANSC X3H3 following the meeting at Carmel 1st-5th October 1984

EUROGRAPHICS General Assembly

From the Secretary

UK Chapter of the Eurographics Association



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