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    • Visual Data Mining 

      Keim, Daniel A.; Müller, Wolfgang; Schumann, Heidrun (Eurographics Association, 2002)
      Never before in history has data been generated at such high volumes as it is today. Exploring and analyzing the vast volumes of data has become increasingly difficult. Information visualization and visual data mining can ...
    • The Voronoi-Quadtree: construction and visualization 

      Coll, Narcís; Boada, Imma; Sellares, J.A. (Eurographics Association, 2002)
      We define a quadtree-based planar Voronoi diagram codification, the Voronoi-Quadtree, valid for generalized sites (points, line-segments, curve-arc segments, ...) and for different distance functions (Euclidean metrics, ...