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3DOR 15


3D Preprocessing Techniques
3D GrabCut: Interactive Foreground Extraction for Reconstructed 3D Scenes
Gregory P. Meyer and Minh N. Do
3D Partial Shape Matching and Retrieval
Automatic 3D Object Fracturing for Evaluation of Partial Retrieval and Object Restoration Tasks - Benchmark and Application to 3D Cultural Heritage Data
Robert Gregor, Danny Bauer, Ivan Sipiran, Panagiotis Perakis, and Tobias Schreck
Randomized Sub-Volume Partitioning for Part-Based 3D Model Retrieval
Takahiko Furuya, Seiya Kurabe, and Ryutarou Ohbuchi
Partial 3D Object Retrieval combining Local Shape Descriptors with Global Fisher Vectors
Michalis A. Savelonas, Ioannis Pratikakis, and Konstantinos Sfikas
Indoor Location Retrieval using Shape Matching of KinectFusion Scans to Large-Scale Indoor Point Clouds
Anas Al-Nuaimi, Martin Piccolrovazzi, Suat Gedikli, Eckehard Steinbach, and Georg Schroth
Cross-modality 3D Object Retrieval
Sketch-based 3D Object Retrieval Using Two Views and a Visual Part Alignment
Zahraa Yasseen, Anne Verroust-Blondet, and Ahmad Nasri
Knowledge-based 3D Object Retrieval
3D Object Retrieval with Parametric Templates
Roman Getto and Dieter W. Fellner
3D Facial Analysis and Retrieval
Morphological Analysis of 3D Faces for Weight Gain Assessment
Daniela Giorgi, Maria Antonietta Pascali, Giovanni Raccichini, Sara Colantonio, and Ovidio Salvetti
A Spatio-Temporal Descriptor for Dynamic 3D Facial Expression Retrieval and Recognition
Antonios Danelakis, Theoharis Theoharis, and Ioannis Pratikakis
Non-rigid Object Matching
Accelerating the Computation of Canonical Forms for 3D Nonrigid Objects using Multidimensional Scaling
Gil Shamai, Michael Zibulevsky, and Ron Kimmel
ThOR: Three-dimensional Object Retrieval Library
Pedro B. Pascoal and Alfredo Ferreira
Towards Scientific Benchmarks: On Increasing the Credibility of Benchmarks
Odd Erik Gundersen
Bag of Compact HKS-based Feature Descriptors
Hanan ElNaghy and Safwat Hamad
Computing Local Binary Patterns on Mesh Manifolds for 3D Texture Retrieval
Naoufel Werghi, Claudio Tortorici, Stefano Berretti, and Alberto Del Bimbo
RETRIEVAL 3D: An On-line Content-Based Retrieval Performance Evaluation Tool
Anestis Koutsoudis, George Ioannakis, Ioannis Pratikakis, and Christos Chamzas
SHREC'15 Tracks
Canonical Forms for Non-Rigid 3D Shape Retrieval
David Pickup, Xianfang Sun, Paul L. Rosin, Ralph R. Martin, Zhiquan Cheng, Sipin Nie, and Longcun Jin
Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval
Z. Lian, J. Zhang, S. Choi, H. ElNaghy, J. El-Sana, T. Furuya, A. Giachetti, R. A. Guler, L. Lai, C. Li, H. Li, F. A. Limberger, R. Martin, R. U. Nakanishi, A. P. Neto, L. G. Nonato, R. Ohbuchi, K. Pevzner, D. Pickup, P. Rosin, A. Sharf, L. Sun, X. Sun, S. Tari, G. Unal, and R. C. Wilson
Scalability of Non-Rigid 3D Shape Retrieval
I. Sipiran, B. Bustos, T. Schreck, A. Bronstein, M. Bronstein, U. Castellani, S. Choi, L. Lai, H. Li, R. Litman, and L. Sun
3D Object Retrieval with Multimodal Views
Yue Gao, Anan Liu, Weizhi Nie, Yuting Su, Qionghai Dai, Fuhai Chen, Yingying Chen, Yanhua Cheng, Shuilong Dong, Xingyue Duan, Jianlong Fu, Zan Gao, Haiyun Guo, Xin Guo, Kaiqi Huang, Rongrong Ji, Yingfeng Jiang, Haisheng Li, Hanqing Lu, Jianming Song, Jing Sun, Tieniu Tan, Jinqiao Wang, Huanpu Yin, Chaoli Zhang, Guotai Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yan Zhang, Chaoyang Zhao, Xin Zhao, and Guibo Zhu
Retrieval of Non-rigid (textured) Shapes Using Low Quality 3D Models
Andrea Giachetti, Francesco Farina, Francesco Fornasa, Atsushi Tatsuma, Chika Sanada, Masaki Aono, Silvia Biasotti, Andrea Cerri, and Sungbin Choi
Retrieval of Objects Captured with Kinect One Camera
Pedro B. Pascoal, Pedro Proença, Filipe Gaspar, Miguel Sales Dias, Filipe Teixeira, Alfredo Ferreira, Viktor Seib, Norman Link, Dietrich Paulus, Atsushi Tatsuma, and Masaki Aono
Range Scans based 3D Shape Retrieval
A. Godil, H. Dutagaci, B. Bustos, S. Choi, S. Dong, T. Furuya, H. Li, N. Link, A. Moriyama, R. Meruane, R. Ohbuchi, D. Paulus, T. Schreck, V. Seib, I. Sipiran, H. Yin, and C. Zhang

Recent Submissions

  • Godil, A.; Dutagaci, H.; Bustos, B.; Choi, S.; Dong, S.; Furuya, T.; Li, H.; Link, N.; Moriyama, A.; Meruane, R.; Ohbuchi, R.; Paulus, D.; Schreck, T.; Seib, V.; Sipiran, I.; Yin, H.; Zhang, C. (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    The objective of the SHREC'15 Range Scans based 3D Shape Retrieval track is to evaluate algorithms that match range scans of real objects to complete 3D mesh models in a target dataset. The task is to retrieve a rank list ...
  • Pascoal, Pedro B.; Proença, Pedro; Gaspar, Filipe; Dias, Miguel Sales; Teixeira, Filipe; Ferreira, Alfredo; Seib, Viktor; Link, Norman; Paulus, Dietrich; Tatsuma, Atsushi; Aono, Masaki (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Low-cost RGB-D sensing technology, such as the Microsoft Kinect, is gaining acceptance in the scientific community and even entering into our homes. This technology enables ordinary users to capture everyday object into ...
  • Giachetti, Andrea; Farina, Francesco; Fornasa, Francesco; Tatsuma, Atsushi; Sanada, Chika; Aono, Masaki; Biasotti, Silvia; Cerri, Andrea; Choi, Sungbin (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    This paper reports the results of the SHREC 2015 track on retrieval of non-rigid (textured) shapes from low quality 3D models. This track has been organized to test the ability of the algorithms recently proposed by ...
  • Gao, Yue; Liu, Anan; Nie, Weizhi; Su, Yuting; Dai, Qionghai; Chen, Fuhai; Chen, Yingying; Cheng, Yanhua; Dong, Shuilong; Duan, Xingyue; Fu, Jianlong; Gao, Zan; Guo, Haiyun; Guo, Xin; Huang, Kaiqi; Ji, Rongrong; Jiang, Yingfeng; Li, Haisheng; Lu, Hanqing; Song, Jianming; Sun, Jing; Tan, Tieniu; Wang, Jinqiao; Yin, Huanpu; Zhang, Chaoli; Zhang, Guotai; Zhang, Yan; Zhang, Yan; Zhao, Chaoyang; Zhao, Xin; Zhu, Guibo (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    This paper reports the results of the SHREC'15 track: 3D Object Retrieval with Multimodal Views, which goal is to evaluate the performance of retrieval algorithms when multimodal views are employed for 3D object representation. ...
  • Lian, Z.; Zhang, J.; Choi, S.; ElNaghy, H.; El-Sana, J.; Furuya, T.; Giachetti, A.; Guler, R. A.; Lai, L.; Li, C.; Li, H.; Limberger, F. A.; Martin, R.; Nakanishi, R. U.; Neto, A. P.; Nonato, L. G.; Ohbuchi, R.; Pevzner, K.; Pickup, D.; Rosin, P.; Sharf, A.; Sun, L.; Sun, X.; Tari, S.; Unal, G.; Wilson, R. C. (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Non-rigid 3D shape retrieval has become a research hotpot in communities of computer graphics, computer vision, pattern recognition, etc. In this paper, we present the results of the SHREC'15 Track: Non-rigid 3D Shape ...
  • Sipiran, I.; Bustos, B.; Schreck, T.; Bronstein, A. M.; Bronstein, M.; Castellani, U.; Choi, S.; Lai, L.; Li, H.; Litman, R.; Sun, L. (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Due to recent advances in 3D acquisition and modeling, increasingly large amounts of 3D shape data become available in many application domains. This rises not only the need for effective methods for 3D shape retrieval, ...
  • Pickup, David; Sun, Xianfang; Rosin, Paul L.; Martin, Ralph R.; Cheng, Zhiquan; Nie, Sipin; Jin, Longcun (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    We present a new benchmark for testing algorithms that create canonical forms for use in non-rigid 3D shape retrieval. We have combined two existing datasets to create a varied collection of models for testing. Canonical ...
  • Koutsoudis, Anestis; Ioannakis, George; Pratikakis, Ioannis; Chamzas, Christos (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Performance benchmarking is an absolute necessity when attempting to objectively quantify the performance of content-based retrieval methods. For many years now, a number of plot-based and scalar-based measures in combination ...
  • Werghi, Naoufel; Tortorici, Claudio; Berretti, Stefano; Bimbo, Alberto Del (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    In this paper, we present and experiment a novel approach for retrieving 3D geometric texture patterns on 2D mesh-manifolds (i.e., surfaces in the 3D space) using local binary patterns (LBP) constructed on the mesh. The ...
  • ElNaghy, Hanan; Hamad, Safwat (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    3D object retrieval has become an integral part in many today's applications attracting extensive research efforts. This paper introduces an enhanced 3D object retrieval technique using a compact and highly discriminative ...
  • Shamai, Gil; Zibulevsky, Michael; Kimmel, Ron (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    The analysis of 3D nonrigid objects usually involves the need to deal with a large number of degrees of freedom. When trying to match two such objects, one approach is to map the surfaces into a domain in which the matching ...
  • Pascoal, Pedro B.; Ferreira, Alfredo (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Following the increasing number of 3D object collections, researchers developed several algorithms related to 3D object analysis, comparison and retrieval methods. However, there is no simple solution offering researchers ...
  • Gundersen, Odd Erik (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Problem: Increasing the credibility of results from scientific benchmarks. Goal: Specify what exactly is required in order for a benchmark to be scientific. Contribution: (i) Specification of what it entails for a benchmark ...
  • Danelakis, Antonios; Theoharis, Theoharis; Pratikakis, Ioannis (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    The recent availability of dynamic 3D facial scans has spawned research activity in recognition based on such data. However, the problem of facial expression retrieval based on dynamic 3D facial data has hardly been addressed ...
  • Giorgi, Daniela; Pascali, Maria Antonietta; Raccichini, Giovanni; Colantonio, Sara; Salvetti, Ovidio (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    In this paper we analyse patterns in face shape variation due to weight gain. We propose the use of persistent homology descriptors to get geometric and topological information about the configuration of anthropometric 3D ...
  • Getto, Roman; Fellner, Dieter W. (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    We propose a 3D object retrieval system which uses parametric templates as prior knowledge for the retrieval. A parametric template represents an object-domain and a semantic concept like 'chair' or 'plane' or a more ...
  • Yasseen, Zahraa; Verroust-Blondet, Anne; Nasri, Ahmad (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Hand drawn figures are the imprints of shapes in human's mind. How a human expresses a shape is a consequence of how he or she visualizes it. A query-by-sketch 3D object retrieval application is closely tied to this concept ...
  • Furuya, Takahiko; Kurabe, Seiya; Ohbuchi, Ryutarou (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    Given a query that specifies partial shape, a Part-based 3D Model Retrieval (P3DMR) system would retrieve 3D models whose part(s) matches the query. Computationally, this is quite challenging; the query must be compared ...
  • Savelonas, Michalis A.; Pratikakis, Ioannis; Sfikas, Konstantinos (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    This work introduces a partial 3D object retrieval method, applicable on both meshes and point clouds, which is based on a hybrid shape matching scheme combining local shape descriptors with global Fisher vectors. The ...
  • Al-Nuaimi, Anas; Piccolrovazzi, Martin; Gedikli, Suat; Steinbach, Eckehard; Schroth, Georg (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
    In this paper we show that indoor location retrieval can be posed as a part-in-whole matching problem of Kinect- Fusion (KinFu) query scans in large-scale target indoor point clouds. We tackle the problem with a local shape ...

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