Computer Graphics Forum 2020 / CGF 39 - 3 

Smit, Noeska; Oeltze-Jafra, Steffen; Wang, Bei
EuroVis 2020 CGF 39-3 STARs: Frontmatter

Wu, Hsiang-Yun; Niedermann, Benjamin; Takahashi, Shigeo; Roberts, Maxwell J.; Nöllenburg, Martin
A Survey on Transit Map Layout - from Design, Machine, and Human Perspectives

Hogräfer, Marius; Heitzler, Magnus; Schulz, Hans-Jörg
The State of the Art in Map-Like Visualization

Bhattacharjee, Kaustav; Chen, Min; Dasgupta, Aritra
Privacy-Preserving Data Visualization: Reflections on the State of the Art and Research Opportunities

Liu, Zhengliang; Crouser, R. Jordan; Ottley, Alvitta
Survey on Individual Differences in Visualization

Chatzimparmpas, Angelos; Martins, Rafael M.; Jusufi, Ilir; Kucher, Kostiantyn; Rossi, Fabrice; Kerren, Andreas
The State of the Art in Enhancing Trust in Machine Learning Models with the Use of Visualizations

Xu, Kai; Ottley, Alvitta; Walchshofer, Conny; Streit, Marc; Chang, Remco; Wenskovitch, John
Survey on the Analysis of User Interactions and Visualization Provenance

Sane, Sudhanshu; Bujack, Roxana; Garth, Christoph; Childs, Hank
A Survey of Seed Placement and Streamline Selection Techniques

Bujack, Roxana; Yan, Lin; Hotz, Ingrid; Garth, Christoph; Wang, Bei
State of the Art in Time-Dependent Flow Topology: Interpreting Physical Meaningfulness Through Mathematical Properties