Florian Johann Ganglberger
From Neurons to Behavior: Visual Analytics Methods for Heterogeneous Spatial Big Brain Data

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Interactive Visualization of Simulation Data for Geospatial Decision Support

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Reconstructing 3D Human Avatars from Monocular Images

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Computational design of curved thin shells: from glass façades to programmable matter

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Modeling Developable Surfaces with Discrete Orthogonal Geodesic Nets

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Preoperative Surgical Planning

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Perception-Aware Computational Fabrication: Increasing The Apparent Gamut of Digital Fabrication

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Compendium of Publications on: Differential Operators on Manifolds for CAD CAM CAE and Computer Graphics

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Learning-based face reconstruction and editing

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Visual Analytics for Cooperative and Competitive Behavior in Team Sports

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Live Inverse Rendering

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Real-time 3D Human Body Pose Estimation from Monocular RGB Input

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The Smart Point Cloud: Structuring 3D intelligent point data

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Real-time 3D Hand Reconstruction in Challenging Scenes from a Single Color or Depth Camera

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Face Morphing and Morphing Attack Detection

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Sensor Applications for Human Activity Recognition in Smart Environments

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Multi-view image-based editing and rendering through deep learning and optimization

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Interactive Freeform Architectural Design with Nearly Developables and Cold Bent Glass

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Authoring consistent, animated ecosystems : Efficient learning from partial data