4th Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2006

Attene, M.; Biasotti, S.; Mortara, M.; Patané, G.; Spagnuolo, M.; Falcidieno, B.
Topological, Geometric and Structural Approaches to Enhance Shape Information

Battiato, S.; Farinella, G. M.; Puglisi, G.
SVG Vectorization by Statistical Region Merging

Biasotti, S.; Marini, S.
Sub-part correspondence using structure and geometry

Callieri, M.; Ponchio, F.; Cignoni, P.; Scopigno, R.
Easy Access to Huge 3D Models ofWorks of Art

Colantonio, S.; Moroni, D.; Salvetti, O.
Shape Comparison and Deformation Analysis in Biomedical Applications

Danovaro, E.; Floriani, L. De; Vitali, M.; Papaleo, L.
Multi-resolution Morphological Representation of Terrains

Papaleo, L.; Puppo, E.
Shape Reconstruction with Uncertainty

Symonova, O.; Dao, M.-S.; Amicis, R. De; Ucelli, G.
Topological Descriptor for CAD Models with Inner Cavities

Marsi, S.; Impoco, G.; Ukovich, A.; Ramponi, G.
An Experimental Setup to Evaluate the Performance of Tone Mapping Algorithms

Bruno, F.; Caruso, F.; Ferrise, F.; Muzzupappa, M.
VTK4AR: An Object Oriented Framework for Scientific Visualization of CAE Data in Augmented Reality

Partipilo, S.; Felice, F. De; Renna, F.; Attolico, G.; Distante, A.
A Natural and Effective Calibration of the CyberGlove

Zhang, Yu
Data-Driven Facial Feature Morphing for 3D Face Synthesis

Castellani, U.; Cristani, M.; Murino, V.
3D data segmentation using a non-parametric density estimation approach

Gironimo, G. Di; Papa, S.
Use of Shader Technology for Realistic Presentation of Train Prototypes in Virtual Reality

Livatino, S.; Agerbech, V.; Johansen, A.; Johansen, B.
Designing a Virtual Reality Game for the CAVE

Livatino, S.; Cuciti, D.; Wojciechowki, A.
Multi-Modal Presentation of Work of Arts in Virtual Reality with Simulation of Multi-Mirror Reflection

Taponecco, F.
A study on textures and their perceptual visual dimensions as application for flexible and effective scientific visualization

Battiato, S.; Blasi, G. Di; Farinella, G.M.; Gallo, G.
A Survey of Digital Mosaic Techniques

Battiato, S.; Stanco, F.
A New Descreening Technique in the Frequency Domain

Farinella, G. M.; Mattiolo, G.
Solutions to 3D Building Reconstruction from Photographs

Gabellone, F.
Hand Made 3d Modelling for the Reconstructive Study of Temple C in Selinunte : Preliminary Results

Campisi, V.; Blasi, G. Di; Gallo, G.
Tradition and Virtuality: The Caltagirone Staircase

Piffer, S.; Conti, G.; Girardi, G.; Ucelli, G.; Amicis, R. De
DentroTrento: an Example of Application of Computer Graphics to the Evolution of the Archaeological Site of Tridentum

Rizvic, S.; Sadzak, A.; Avdagic, Z.; Chalmers, A.
Maya Sun Simulation of Bosnian Gravestone Virtual Model

Spinelli, A.; Ganovelli, F.; Montani, C.; Scopigno, R.
Recovering 3D architectural information from dense digital models of buildings

Agus, M.; Gobbetti, E.; Pintore, G.; Zanetti, G.; Zorcolo, A.
Real-time Cataract Surgery Simulation for Training

Bruno, F.; Caruso, G.; Muzzupappa, M.
3D Input devices integration in CAD environment

Chiara, R. De; Erra, U.; Scarano, V.
An Architecture for Distributed Behavioral Models with GPUs

Ferrandes, R.; Marin, P. M.; Léon, J-C.; Giannini, F.
Preparation of Finite Element Models: The Use of an a Posteriori Mechanical Criterion

Ranzuglia, G.; Cignoni, P.; Ganovelli, F.; Scopigno, R.
Implementing Mesh-Based Approaches for Deformable Objects on GPU

Selmo, D.; Musante, F.; Rossi, M.
GPU based direct illuminance values computation for interactive lighting CAD

Abate, A. F.; Nappi, M.; Ricciardi, S.; Sabatino, G.
From Skull to Face: an Improved Framework for Ethnically Faithful 3D Face Reconstruction

Battiato, S.; Greco, F.; Nicotra, S.
Compressed SVG Representation of Raster Images Vectorized by DDT Triangulation

Battiato, S.; Rundo, F.; Stanco, F.
Color Palette Images Re-indexing by Self Organizing Motor Maps

Falchetto, M.; Barone, M.; Pau, D.
Adaptive Frame Rate Up-conversion with Motion Extraction from 3D Space for 3D Graphic Pipelines

Farinella, G. M.; Impoco, G.; Gallo, G.; Spoto, S.; Catanuto, G.
Unambiguous Analysis of Woman Breast Shape for Plastic Surgery Outcome Evaluation

Battiato, S.; Bosco, C.; Farinella, G. M.; Impoco, G.
3D CT Segmentation for Clinical Evaluation of Knee Prosthesis Operations

Blasi, G. Di; Gallo, G.; Petralia, M.P.
Smart Ideas for Photomosaic Rendering

Bue, A. Lo
Using Layout Profiles in MPE G-4 Hypervideo Presentation

Witzel, M.; Conti, G.; Amicis, R. De
A Message-Based Annotation System for Collaborative Design Review