Eurographics Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling 2013

Schregle, R.; Denk, C.; Slusallek, P.; Glencross, M.
Grand Challenges: Material Models in the Automotive Industry

Ellens, M.; Mueller, G.; Lamy, F.
From Color to Appearance in the Real World

Weidlich, A.; Meseth, J.
Material Modeling with Physical Constraints

Schroeder, K.; Zincke, A.
Interactive Appearance Design in the Presence of Optically Complex

Ruiters, R.; Klein, R.
BTF-based Material Representations: Current Challenges

Fuchs, M.; Koch, S.; Gieseke, L.; Mozer, F.; Eberhardt, B.
Towards a Practical Gamut of Appearance Acquisition

Schwartz, C.; Sarlette, R.; Weinmann, M.; Klein, R.
DOME II: A Parallelized BTF Acquisition System