Computer Graphics Forum 2008 / CGF 27 - 7 

Preface, Table of Contents, Cover

Pei, Yuru; Zha, Hongbin; Yuan, Zhongbiao
The Craniofacial Reconstruction from the Local Structural Diversity of Skulls

Dellepiane, M.; Pietroni, N.; Tsingos, N.; Asselot, M.; Scopigno, R.
Reconstructing head models from photographs for individualized 3D-audio processing

Wang, S. F.; Lai, S. H.
Reconstructing 3D Shape, Albedo and Illumination from a Single Face Image

Igarashi, Yuki; Igarashi, Takeo; Suzuki, Hiromasa
Knitting a 3D Model

Cadik, M.
Perceptual Evaluation of Color-to-Grayscale Image Conversions

Liu, Chunxiao; Yang, Yingzhen; Peng, Qunsheng; Wang, Jin; Chen, Wei
Distortion Optimization based Image Completion from a Large Displacement View

Wen, Chung-Lin; Hsieh, Chang-Hsi; Chen, Bing-Yu; Ouhyoung, Ming
Example-based Multiple Local Color Transfer by Strokes

Kang, Henry; Lee, Seungyong
Shape-simplifying Image Abstraction

Stich, Timo; Linz, Christian; Albuquerque, Georgia; Magnor, Marcus
View and Time Interpolation in Image Space

Weng, Yanlin; Shi, Xiaohan; Bao, Hujun; Zhang, Jun
Sketching MLS Image Deformations On the GPU

Zhang, Yi-Fei; Hu, Shi-Min; Martin, Ralph R.
Shrinkability Maps for Content-Aware Video Resizing

Chen, Bing-Yu; Lee, Ken-Yi; Huang, Wei-Ting; Lin, Jong-Shan
Capturing Intention-based Full-Frame Video Stabilization

Zhang, Hui; Qin, Guiming; Qin, Kaihuai; Sun, Hanqiu
A Biorthogonal Wavelet Approach based on Dual Subdivision

Chen, Zhongxian; Luo, Xiaonan; Tan, Le; Ye, Binghong; Chen, Jiapeng
Progressive Interpolation based on Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces

Shi, Zhuo; Lin, Shujin; Luo, Xiaonan; Wang, Renhong
Interpolatory and Mixed Loop Schemes

Reniers, Dennie; Telea, Alexandru
Patch-type Segmentation of Voxel Shapes using Simplified Surface Skeletons

Reniers, Dennie; Telea, Alexandru
Part-type Segmentation of Articulated Voxel-Shapes using the Junction Rule

Moeser, Sebastian; Degener, Patrick; Wahl, Roland; Klein, Reinhard
Context Aware Terrain Visualization for Wayfinding and Navigation

Ku, Daychyi; Qin, Shengfeng; Wright, David K.; Ma, Cuixia
Online Personalised Non-photorealistic Rendering Technique for 3D Geometry from Incremental Sketching

Yoon, Jong-Chul; Lee, In-Kwon; Kang, Henry
A Hidden-picture Puzzles Generator

Xu, Songhua; Jiang, Hao; Jin, Tao; Lau, Francis C.M.; Pan, Yunhe
Automatic Facsimile of Chinese Calligraphic Writings

Rungjiratananon, Witawat; Szego, Zoltan; Kanamori, Yoshihiro; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Real-time Animation of Sand-Water Interaction

Angst, Roland; Thuerey, Nils; Botsch, Mario; Gross, Markus
Robust and Efficient Wave Simulations on Deforming Meshes

Ye, Juntao
Simulating Inextensible Cloth Using Impulses

Oshita, Masaki
Smart Motion Synthesis

Rohmer, Damien; Hahmann, Stefanie; Cani, Marie-Paule
Local Volume Preservation for Skinned Characters

Chen, Ying-Chieh; Chang, Chun-Fa
A Prism-Free Method for Silhouette Rendering in Inverse Displacement Mapping

Bosch, C.; Pueyo, X.; Merillou, S.; Ghazanfarpour, D.
A Resolution Independent Approach for the Accurate Rendering of Grooved Surfaces

Ren, Zhong; Zhou, Kun; Lin, Stephen; Guo, Baining
Gradient-based Interpolation and Sampling for Real-time Rendering of Inhomogeneous, Single-scattering Media

Lee, Sungkil; Kim, Gerard Jounghyun; Choi, Seungmoon
Real-Time Depth-of-Field Rendering Using Point Splatting on Per-Pixel Layers

Budge, B. C.; Anderson, J. C.; Joy, K. I.
Caustic Forecasting: Unbiased Estimation of Caustic Lighting for Global Illumination

Brouillat, J.; Gautron, P.; Bouatouch, K.
Photon-driven Irradiance Cache

Schmitz, Arne; Tavenrath, Markus; Kobbelt, Leif
Interactive Global Illumination for Deformable Geometry in CUDA

Yu, Xuan; Wang, Rui; Yu, Jingyi
Interactive Glossy Reflections using GPU-based Ray Tracing with Adaptive LOD