Computer Graphics Forum 2008 / CGF 27 - 3 

Cuntz, Nicolas; Kolb, Andreas; Strzodka, Robert; Weiskopf, Daniel
Particle Level Set Advection for the Interactive Visualization of Unsteady 3D Flow

Li, Guo-Shi; Tricoche, Xavier; Hansen, Charles
Physically-based Dye Advection for Flow Visualization

Sahner, Jan; Weber, Britta; Prohaska, Steffen; Lamecker, Hans
Extraction Of Feature Lines On Surface Meshes Based On Discrete Morse Theory

Wijffelaars, Martijn; Vliegen, Roel; Wijk, Jarke J. van; Linden, Erik-Jan van der
Generating Color Palettes using Intuitive Parameters

Bartram, Lyn; Yao, Miao
Animating Causal Overlays

Holten, Danny; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Visual Comparison of Hierarchically Organized Data

Jänicke, Heike; Böttinger, Michael; Tricoche, Xavier; Scheuermann, Gerik
Automatic Detection and Visualization of Distinctive Structures in 3D Unsteady Multi-fields

Muigg, Philipp; Kehrer, Johannes; Oeltze, Steffen; Piringer, Harald; Doleisch, Helmut; Preim, Bernhard; Hauser, Helwig
A Four-level Focus + Context Approach to Interactive Visual Analysis of Temporal Features in Large Scientific Data

Sisneros, Robert; Johnson, C. Ryan; Huang, Jian
Concurrent Viewing of Multiple Attribute-Specific Subspaces

Raman, Sundaresan; Wenger, Rephael
Quality Isosurface Mesh Generation Using an Extended Marching Cubes Lookup Table

Chang, Byungjoon; Cha, Deukhyun; Ihm, Insung
Computing Local Signed Distance Fields for Large Polygonal Models

Buchart, Carlos; Borro, Diego; Amundarain, Aiert
GPU Local Triangulation: an Interpolating Surface Reconstruction Algorithm

Choudhury, A. N. M. Imroz; Potter, Kristin C.; Parker, Steven G.
Interactive Visualization for Memory Reference Traces

Burch, Michael; Diehl, Stephan
TimeRadarTrees: Visualizing Dynamic Compound Digraphs

Telea, Alexandru; Auber, David
Code Flows: Visualizing Structural Evolution of Source Code

Rezk-Salama, Christof; Todt, Severin; Kolb, Andreas
Raycasting of Light Field Galleries from Volumetric Data

Rautek, Peter; Bruckner, Stefan; Gröller, M. Eduard
Interaction-Dependent Semantics for Illustrative Volume Rendering

Jainek, Werner M.; Born, Silvia; Bartz, Dirk; Straßer, Wolfgang; Fischer, Jan
Illustrative Hybrid Visualization and Exploration of Anatomical and Functional Brain Data

Keefe, Daniel F.; O'Brien, Trevor M.; Baier, David B.; Gatesy, Stephen M.; Brainerd, Elizabeth L.; Laidlaw, David H.
Exploratory Visualization of Animal Kinematics Using Instantaneous Helical Axes

Mosaliganti, Kishore; Machiraju, Raghu; Huang, Kun; Leone, Gustavo
Geometry-driven Visualization of Microscopic Structures in Biology

Janoos, Firdaus; Nouansengsy, Boonthanome; Xu, Xiaoyin; Machiraju, Raghu; Wong, Stephen T. C.
Classification and Uncertainty Visualization of Dendritic Spines from Optical Microscopy Imaging

Westenberg, Michel A.; Hijum, S. A. F. T. van; Kuipers, O. P.; Roerdink, Jos B. T. M.
Visualizing Genome Expression and Regulatory Network Dynamics in Genomic and Metabolic Context

Hao, Ming; Keim, Daniel A.; Dayal, Umeshwar; Oelke, Daniela; Tremblay, Chantal
Density Displays for Data Stream Monitoring

Butkiewicz, Thomas; Chang, Remco; Wartell, Zachary; Ribarsky, William
Visual Analysis and Semantic Exploration of Urban LIDAR Change Detection

May, Thorsten; Kohlhammer, Jörn
Towards Closing the Analysis Gap: Visual Generation of Decision Supporting Schemes from Raw Data

Wang, Xiaoyu; Miller, Erin; Smarick, Kathleen; Ribarsky, William; Chang, Remco
Investigative Visual Analysis of Global Terrorism

Ziegler, Hartmut; Keim, Daniel A.
COPERNICUS: Context-Preserving Engine for Route Navigation with Interactive User-modifiable Scaling

Bidmon, Katrin; Grottel, Sebastian; Bös, Fabian; Pleiss, Jürgen; Ertl, Thomas
Visual Abstractions of Solvent Pathlines near Protein Cavities

Bellmann, Jens; Michel, Frank; Deines, Eduard; Hering-Bertram, Martin; Mohring, Jan; Hagen, Hans
Sound Tracing: Rendering Listener Specific Acoustic Room Properties

Streit, Marc; Kalkusch, M.; Kashofer, K.; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Navigation and Exploration of Interconnected Pathways

Gilson, Owen; Silva, Nuno; Grant, Phil W.; Chen, Min
FromWeb Data to Visualization via Ontology Mapping

Pretorius, A. Johannes; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Visual Inspection of Multivariate Graphs

Ham, Frank van; Wattenberg, Martin
Centrality Based Visualization of Small World Graphs

Isenberg, Tobias; Everts, Maarten H.; Grubert, Jens; Carpendale, Sheelagh
Interactive Exploratory Visualization of 2D Vector Fields

Martin, Joel P.; II, J. Edward Swan; II, Robert J. Moorhead; Liu, Zhanping; Cai, Shangshu
Results of a User Study on 2D Hurricane Visualization

Joshi, Alark; Rheingans, Penny
Evaluation of Illustration-inspired Techniques for Time-varying Data Visualization

Garth, Christoph; Wiebel, Alexander; Tricoche, Xavier; Joy, Ken; Scheuermann, Gerik
Lagrangian Visualization of Flow-Embedded Surface Structures

Anderson, John C.; Garth, C.; Duchaineau, Mark A.; Joy, Kenneth I.
Discrete Multi-Material Interface Reconstruction for Volume Fraction Data

Schafhitzel, Tobias; Vollrath, Joachim E.; Gois, Joao P.; Weiskopf, Daniel; Castelo, Antonio; Ertl, Thomas
Topology-Preserving lambda_2-based Vortex Core Line Detection for Flow Visualization

McDonnell, Kevin T.; Mueller, Klaus
Illustrative Parallel Coordinates

Johansson, Jimmy; Cooper, Matthew
A Screen Space Quality Method for Data Abstraction

Zhou, Hong; Yuan, Xiaoru; Qu, Huamin; Cui, Weiwei; Chen, Baoquan
Visual Clustering in Parallel Coordinates

Rieder, Christian; Ritter, Felix; Raspe, Matthias; Peitgen, Heinz-Otto
Interactive Visualization of Multimodal Volume Data for Neurosurgical Tumor Treatment

Schultz, Thomas; Sauber, Natascha; Anwander, Alfred; Theisel, Holger; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Virtual Klingler Dissection: Putting Fibers into Context

Chen, Wei; Zhang, Song; Correia, Stephen; Ebert, David S.
Abstractive Representation and Exploration of Hierarchically Clustered Diffusion Tensor Fiber Tracts