Computer Graphics Forum 1999 / CGF 18 - 1 

Coquillart, Sabine; Seidel, Hans-Peter

Ihm, Insung; Park, Sanghun
Wavelet-Based 3D Compression Scheme for Interactive Visualization of Very Large Volume Data

Sumner, Robert W.; Oâ Brien, James F.; Hodgins, Jessica K.
Animating Sand, Mud, and Snow

Hall, P.
Nonphotorealistic Rendering by Q-mapping

Dumont, Reynald; Bouatouch, Kadi; Gosselin, Philippe
A Progressive Algorithm for Three Point Transport

Hui, K. C.; Jiang, Z. H.
Tetrahedra Based Adaptive Polygonization of Implicit Surface Patches

Chen, Jim X.; Wang, Xusheng
Approximate Line Scan-Conversion and Antialiasing


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