VisSym99: Joint Eurographics - IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization 1999

Walter, Stefan; Straßmann, Gerd; Schmitt, Marco
Advances in Quality Control of Intraoperative Radiotherapy

Lürig, C.; Hastreiter, P.; Nimsky, C.; Ertl, T.
Analysis and Visualization of the Brain Shift Phenomenon in Neurosurgery

Reinders, Freek; Post, Frits H.; Spoelder, Hans J. W.
Attribute-Based Feature Tracking

Bender, Michael; Hagen, Hans; Seck, Axel
A Client-side Approach towards Platform Independent Molecular Visualization over the World Wide Web

Gerstner, Thomas; Rumpf, Martin; Weikard, Ulrich
A Comparison of Error Indicators for Multilevel Visualization on Nested Grids

Wartell, Zachary; Ribarsky, William; Hodges, Larry
Efficient Ray Intersection for Visualization and Navigation of Global Terrain using Spheroidal Height-Augmented Quadtrees

Tong, Xin; Wang, Wenping; Tsang, Waiwan; Tang, Zesheng
Efficiently Rendering Large Volume Data Using Texture Mapping Hardware

Glau, Thomas
Exploring Instationary Fluid Flows by Interactive Volume Movies

Csebfalvi, Balazs
Fast Volume Rotation using Binary Shear-Warp Factorization

Polthier, Konrad; Schmies, Markus
Geodesic Flow on Polyhedral Surfaces

Sadarjoen, I. Ari; Post, Frits H.
Geometric Methods for Vortex Extraction

Clyne, John; Dennis, John M.
Interactive Direct Volume Rendering of Time-Varying Data

He, Taosong
Internet-Based Front-End to Network Simulator

Kim, Kwansik; Pang, Alex
A Methodology for Comparing Direct Volume Rendering Algorithms Using a Projection-Based Data Level Approach

Teitzel, Christian; Ertl, Thomas
New Approaches for Particle Tracing on Sparse Grids

Bajaj, Chandrajit; Ihm, Insung; Koo, Gee-bum; Park, Sanghun
Parallel Ray Casting of Visible Human on Distributed Memory Architectures

Udeshi, Tushar; Hansen, Charles D.
Parallel Multipipe Rendering for Very Large Isosurface Visualization

Ebert, David S.; Rohrer, Randall M.; Shaw, Christopher D.; Panda, Pradyut; Kulda, James M.; Roberts, D. Aaron
Procedural Shape Generation for Multi-dimensional Data Visualization

Mroz, Lukas; König, Andreas; Gröller, Eduard
Real-Time Maximum Intensity Projection

Kreylos, Oliver; Hamann, Bernd
On Simulated Annealing and the Construction of Linear Spline Approximations for Scattered Data

Herman, I.; Marshall, M.S.; Melancon, G.; Duke, D.J.; Delest, M.; Domenger, J.-P.
Skeletal Images as Visual Cues in Graph Visualization

Leeuw, Wim de; Liere, Robert van
Visualization of Global Flow Structures Using Multiple Levels of Topology

Fiege, Markus; Scheuermann, Gerik; Münchhofen, Michael; Hagen, Hans
Visualization of Grinding Processes

Alexa, Marc; Müller, Wolfgang
Visualization by Examples: Mapping Data to Visual Representations using Few Correspondences

Bartz, Dirk; Skalej, Martin
VIVENDI - A Virtual Endoscopy System for Virtual Medicine

Rheingans, Penny; Joshi, Shrikant
Visualization of Molecules with Positional Uncertainty

Telea, Alexandru; Wijk, Jarke J. van
VISSION: An Object Oriented Dataflow System for Simulation and Visualization

Haase, H.; Bock, M.; Hergenröther, E.; Knöpfle, C.; Koppert, H.-J.; Schröder, F.; Trembilski, A.; Weidenhausen, J.
Where Weather Meets the Eye - A Case Study on a Wide Range of Meteorological Visualizations for Diverse Audiences

Khouas, Leila; Odet, Christophe; Friboulet, Denis
2D Vector Field Visualization Using Furlike Texture