International Congress on Digital Heritage - Theme 3 - Analysis And Interpretation 2015

Pintus, Ruggero; Yang, Ying; Gobbetti, Enrico; Rushmeier, Holly
An Automatic Word-spotting Framework for Medieval Manuscripts

Cossairt, Oliver; Tumblin, Jack; Huang, Xiang; Stratis, Harriet; Broadway, Mary; Bearman, Greg; Doehne, Eric; Walton, Marc; Matsuda, Nathan; Katsaggelos, Aggelos; Kronkright, Dale
Surface Shape Studies of the Art of Paul Gauguin

Meschini, Alessandra; Leoni, Graziano; Petrucci, Enrica; Sicuranza, Filippo; Zona, Alessandro; Piattoni, Quintilio; Dezi, Luigino; Dall'Asta, Andrea
An integrated Survey Experience for Assessing the Seismic Vulnerability of Senigallia's Fortress (Italy) - Documentation for Conservation and FEM Modeling

Gaiani, Marco; Apollonio, Fabrizio I.; Clini, Paolo; Quattrini, Ramona
A Mono-instrumental Approach to High-quality 3D Reality-based Semantic Models. Application on the Palladio Library

Zeppelzauer, Matthias; Poier, Georg; Seidl, Markus; Reinbacher, Christian; Breiteneder, Christian; Bischof, Horst; Schulter, Samuel
Interactive Segmentation of Rock-Art in High-Resolution 3D Reconstructions

Roldan-Medina, Francisco Javier
Unraveling the Classic Proportions Through the Anthropometric Analysis of the Architectural Heritage The Case of the Pantheon

Echavarria, Karina Rodriguez; Song, Ran
Studying Shape Semantics of an Architectural Moulding Collection - Classifying Style Based on Shape Analysis Methods

Respaldiza, Arantza; Wachowicz, Monica
VisProcH - Visual Reasoning Process for Heritage Valuation

Périnaud, Clémentine; Gesquière, Gilles; Gay, Georges
Exploration of the Changing Structure of Cities: Challenges for Temporal City Models

Fregonese, Luigi; Achille, Cristiana; Adami, Andrea; Fassi, Francesco; Spezzoni, Anna; Taffurelli, Laura
BIM: An Integrated Model for Planned and Preventive Maintenance of Architectural Heritage

Juan, Torrejón Valdelomar; Matthias, Kucera; Wallner, Mario; Brandtner, Joachim; Sandici, Vlad; Neubauer, Wolfgang
4D Investigation of Digital Heritage - An Interactive Application for the Auxiliary Fortress of Carnuntum

Richards-Rissetto, Heather; Plessing, Rachel
Procedural Modeling for Ancient Maya Cityscapes - Initial Methodological Challenges and Solutions

Sadholz, Aaron; Muir, Christopher; Perucchio, Renato
A 3D Kinematic Model for Assessing the Seismic Capacity of the Frigidarium of the Baths of Diocletian

Baratin, Laura; Bertozzi, Sara; Moretti, Elvio
GIS Intelligence for a Cutting-edge Management of 3D Cities

Vujošević, Sandra; Šegan, Marija; Jovanović, Jelena
Moravian School in Digital Catalogue of 'Cultural Monuments in Serbia'

Yang, Ying; Pintus, Ruggero; Gobbetti, Enrico; Rushmeier, Holly
Automated Color Clustering for Medieval Manuscript Analysis

Pamart, Anthony; Buglio, David Lo; Luca, Livio De
Morphological Analysis of Shape Semantics from Curvature-based Signatures

Habibi, Zaynab; Caron, Guillaume; Mouaddib, El Mustapha
Assistive Visual Framing in 3D Dense Points Cloud

Peteler, Friederike; Gattet, Eloi; Bromblet, Philippe; Guillon, Odile; Vallet, Jean-Marc; Luca, Livio De
Analyzing the Evolution of Deterioration Patterns - A First Step of an Image-based Approach for Comparing Multitemporal Data Sets

Eckeren, Katharina van; Tausch, Reimar; Santos, Pedro; Fellner, Dieter W.
3DHOG for Geometric Similarity Measurement and Retrieval for Digital Cultural Heritage Archives

Kalisperakis, Ilias; Stentoumis, Christos; Grammatikopoulos, Lazaros; Dasiou, Maria Eleni; Psycharis, Ioannis N.
Precise 3D Recording for Finite Element Analysis

Baik, Ahmad; Boehm, Jan
Building Information Modelling for Historical Building Historic Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Quantin, Matthieu; Hervy, Benjamin; Laroche, Florent; Kerouanton, Jean-Louis
Mass Customization for Cultural Heritage 3D Models

Masi, Alessandro De
From knowledge to Complex Representation - Interpretation of Material Systems, Survey Guidelines and its Reading Criteria, Multi-Representations of Virtual 3D City Models for Cultural Heritage

Cosentino, Antonino; Galizia, Mariateresa; Santagati, Cettina; Scandurra, Carmelo; Sgarlata, Mariarita; Stout, Samantha
Multidisciplinary Investigations on the Byzantine Oratory of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in Syracuse

Andrade, Bruno Amaral de; Almeida, Renata Hermanny de
Mapping Identity with Geo-technology: Montelupo/Italy Versus Santa Leopoldina/Brazil

An, Dai Whan; Yang, Hyun Woo
A Survey of Column-leaning in Korean Traditional Wooden Architecture Structures Using 3D Scandata - With a Focus on the Columns of the Sungryeoljeon in Namhansanseong

Sánchez, José Luis; Sánchez, Jesús; Merlo, Óscar
3D Visualisation of Archaeological Structures from Geophysical Explorations in Alarcos site Sector III (Ciudad Real)

Consortium, Insidde; Meana, Javier Gutiérrez
INSIDDE Project - Unveiling the Secrets of Art Through Graphene-based Terahertz Technologies

Niang, Cheikh; Leboucher, Elise; Bouiller, Luc; Capderou, Christine; Marinica, Claudia
An Ontological Model for Conservation-restoration of Cultural Objects

Baltussen, Lotte; Karavellas, Themistoklis; Ordelman, Roeland
Exploiting Program Guides for Contextualisation

Morris, Phil; Marsh, Stephanie
Reconstructing a Historical Temporary Structure - Henry VIII's Pop-up-Palace

Cobos, Oscar Jesús Cosido; Soto, José Luís Lalana; Terán, Leticia; Campi, Massimiliano; Catuogno, Raffaele; Ramírez, Lucia Hernández; Llamas, José Pereda; Vidal, Esteban Sainz
Documentation and 3D Modeling of Railway Industrial Heritage - Study of the Cajo-Santander Locomotive Shed

Manzetti, Maria Cristina; Parthenios, Panagiotis; Sarris, Apostolos
Integrating Traditional Methods with New Technologies

Luznik, Nika; Klein, Michael
Interdisciplinary Workflow for Virtual Archaeology

Cardaci, Alessio; Versaci, Antonella; Roberti, Giulio Mirabella
Palazzo Raimondi in Cremona - 3D Survey and Diagnostic Tests for the Knowledge of Construction Techniques and Historical Materials

Carrozzino, Marcello; Lorenzini, Cristian; Evangelista, Chiara; Tecchia, Franco; Bergamasco, Massimo
AMICA - Virtual Reality as a Tool for Learning and Communicating the Craftsmanship of Engraving

Jacquot, Kevin; Messaoudi, Tommy; Luca, Livio De
Knowledge-based Approach for the 3D Modeling of Masonry Structures

Katuu, Shadrack; Ngoepe, Mpho
Managing Digital Heritage - an Analysis of the Education and Training Curriculum for Africa's Archives and Records Professionals

Gagliardi, Isabella; Artese, Maria Teresa
Create Your Menu - Discovering Traditional Recipes

Khan, Muqeem
Archive To Repertoire - Motion Capture and Motion Sensing Data for Digital Intangible Heritage (DIH)

Artese, Maria Teresa; Gagliardi, Isabella
Carousel Rides - New Tools for Navigation in Intangible Cultural Heritage

He, Huaxiang
The Lost of Myth in the Digital Age - A Study Based on Investigation of China's Guangxi Province

Francesco, Giuliana De; Hagedorn-Saupe, Monika; Natale, Maria Teresa; Schweibenz, Werner
Digital Exhibitions, a Powerful Tool for Cultural Institutions Audience Development - The Athenaplus-supported International Working Group on Digital Exhibitions

Maiellaro, Nicola
A.I.M. - Advanced Interactive Map

Fernandez, Jorge Garcia; Anssi, Joutsiniemi; Ahn, Yushin; Fernandez, Juan Jose
Quantitative + Qualitative Information for Heritage Conservation An Open Science Research for paving 'collaboratively' the way to Historical-BIM

Jerala, Maja
Virtuuvius - Automated Drawing of Temple Architecture According to Vitruvius - the Case of the Temple of Hercules in Celje, Slovenia

Gabellieri, Nicola; Panetta, Alessandro; Pescini, Valentina
GIS Applications for Environmental Archaeology and Historical Ecology - Problems and Potentialities. The Case Study of Punta Mesco (Cinque Terre National Park - Italy)

Lee, Jongwook; Lee, Jihyung; Kim, Jae Woo; Kang, Kyung-Kyu; Lee, Man Hee; Goo, Boncheol
Time-based Database for Creation of Korean Traditional Wooden Building

Athanassopoulos, Effie; Shelton, Kim
Ceramics and 3D Technology: A Medieval Assemblage from Nemea, Greece