Eurographics Multimedia Workshop 2001

Butera, William; Bove, V. Michael; Jr.,
Self-Organizing Multimedia and Extremely Distributed Architectures

Davenport, Glorianna
Story Networks: 'The medium is the message'; The content, your souvenir

Loeffler, Jobst; Fellner, Dieter W.
Adaptive Visualization of Distributed 3D Documents Using Image Streaming Techniques

Huang, Akanksha Z.; Prabhakaran, B.; Ruiz, C. R.; Jr.,
Reusing Motions and Models in Animations

Sann, A.; Montrucchio, B.; Montuschi, P.; Demartini, C.
3D-dvshop: a 3D Dynamic Virtual Shop

Allison, Colin; Bateman, Martin; Ruddle, Alan
Realising Real Time Multimedia Groupware on the Web

Hauser, Juergen; Tian, Jing
Abstractions in Multimedia Authoring: The MAVA Approach

Lohse, Marcos; Slusallek, Philipp; Wambach, Patrick
Extended Format Definition and Quality-driven Format Negotiation in Multimedia Systems

Cohen-Or, Daniel; Noimark, Yuval; Zvi, Tali
A Server-based Interactive Remote Walkthrough

Quaglia, Davide; Montrucchino, Bartolomeo
Sobol Partial Distortion Algorithm for Fast Full Search in Block Motion Estimation

Leite, Luiz Eduardo; Alves, Renata; Lemos, Guido; Batista, Thais
DynaVideo - A Dynamic Video Distribution Service

Elad, Michael; Tal, Ayellet; Ar, Sigal
Content Based Retrieval of VRML Objects - An Iterative and Interactive Approach

Kankanhalli, M. S.; Chang, E.-C.; Guan, X.; Huang, Z.; Wu, Y.
Authentication of Volume Data Using Wavelet-Based Foveation

Volmer, Stephan
Buoy Indexing of Metric Feature Spaces for Fast Approximate Image Queries

Mallinder, Hugh; Jones, Huw
Non-Conventional Interfaces using Stamp Controllers

Fels, Sidney; Manzolli, Jonatas
Interactive, Evolutionary Textured Sound Composition

Davis, Stephen Boyd; Jones, Huw
Screen Space: Depiction and the Space of Interactive Media

Nobre, Edmundo M. N.; Camara, Antonio S.
SPATIAL VIDEO Exploring Space Using Multiple Digital Videos

Morsdorf, Felix; Volmer, Stephan
LIVE@WEB.COM Using CBIR Technology in InteractiveWeb-TV

Abreu, Jorge; Almeida, Pedro; Branco, Vasco
2BeOn - Interactive Television Supporting Interpersonal Communication

Itami, Yoshikazu; Yoshida, Norimasa; Kitajima, Katsuhiro
Effective Exercise Instruction System Using Virtual Human