Computer Graphics Forum 2004 / CGF 23 - 2 

Duke, David; Scopigno, Roberto
Computer Graphics forum

Damez, Cyrille; Holzschuch, Nicolas; Sillion, Francois X.
Space-Time Hierarchical Radiosity with Clustering and Higher-Order Wavelets

Formella, A.; Mueller, K.
A Viewpoint-Dependent Approach to Ray Trace Free-Form Surfaces

Hurtado, F.; Noy, M.; Robert, J.-M.; Sacristan, V.; Skiena, S.
Visualizing Objects with Mirrors

Liu, Y. K.; Zalik, B.; Yang, H.
An Integer One-Pass Algorithm for Voxel Traversal

Strnad, D.; Guid, N.
Modeling Trees with Hypertextures

Su, Dan; Willis, Philip
Image Interpolation by Pixel-Level Data-Dependent Triangulation

Laramee, Robert S.; Hauser, Helwig; Doleisch, Helmut; Vrolijk, Benjamin; Post, Frits H. and Weiskopf, Daniel
The State of the Art in Flow Visualization: Dense and Texture-Based Techniques

Brodlie, K. W.; Duce, D. A.; Gallop, J. R.; Walton, J. P. R. B.; Wood, J. D.
Distributed and Collaborative Visualization