Workshop on Visualisation in Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis) 2015

Rink, Karsten; Middel, Ariane; Weber, Gunther
Frontmatter: EnvirVis 2015 Workshop on Visualisation in Environmental Sciences

Böttinger, Michael; Pohlmann, Holger; Röber, Niklas; Meier-Fleischer, Karin; Spickermann, Dela
Visualization of 2D Uncertainty in Decadal Climate Predictions

Beauxis-Aussalet, Emma; Hardman, Lynda
Multi-Purpose Exploration of Uncertain Data for the Video Monitoring of Ecosystems

Luo, Wei; Chang, Zheng; Kong, Lilian; Link, Robert; Hejazi, Mohamad; Clarke, Leon; Maciejewski, Ross
Web-Based Visualization of the Global Change Assessment Model

Häb, Kathrin; Middel, Ariane; Ruddell, Benjamin L.; Hagen, Hans
Spatial Aggregation of Mobile Transect Measurements for the Identification of Climatic Microenvironments

Lukasczyk, Jonas; Liang, Xing; Luo, Wei; Ragan, Eric D.; Middel, Ariane; Bliss, Nadya; White, Dave; Hagen, Hans; Maciejewski, Ross
A Collaborative Web-Based Environmental Data Visualization and Analysis Framework

Jatnieks, Janis; Sips, Mike; Lucia, Marco De; Dransch, Doris
Towards Interactive Definition of Fast Surrogate Models for Geochemical Simulations Using Visual Analysis

Grottel, Sebastian; Staib, Joachim; Heyer, Torsten; Vetter, Benjamin; Gumhold, Stefan
Real-Time Visualization of Urban Flood Simulation Data for Non-Professionals

Höllt, Thomas; Hadwiger, Markus; Knio, Omar; Hoteit, Ibrahim
Probability Maps for the Visualization of Assimilation Ensemble Flow Data

Triana, John A.; Zeckzer, Dirk; Hernandez, Jose T.; Hagen, Hans
VafusQ: A Visual Analytics Application with Data Quality Features to Support the Urban Planning Process

Lei, Ting L.; Liang, Xing; Mascaro, Giuseppe; Luo, Wei; White, Dave; Westerhoff, Paul; Maciejewski, Ross
An Interactive Web-Based Geovisual Analytics Tool to Explore Water Scarcity in Niger River Basin

Torrisi, Alessandro; Signorello, Giovanni; Gallo, Giovanni; Salvo, Maria De; Farinella, Giovanni Maria
Mining Social Images to Analyze Routing Preferences in Tourist Areas

Jean, Frédéric; Albu, Alexandra Branzan; Capson, David; Higgs, Eric; Fisher, Jason T.; Starzomski, Brian M.
Visualizing Category-Specific Changes in Oblique Photographs of Mountain Landscapes