Eurographics 2013 - Posters 2013

Pavlík, Ivo; Wilkie, Alexander
Towards a Physically Plausible Constrained Shader Graph System for Predictive Rendering

Barreira, João; Magalhães, Luís; Bessa, Maximino
A Sensor Based Approach to Outdoor Illumination Estimation for Augmented Reality Applications on Mobile Devices

Yoshizawa, Shin; Yokota, Hideo
Poisson Image Analogy: Texture-Aware Seamless Cloning

Gavrilov, Nikolay; Turlapov, V.
Volume Ray Casting quality estimation in terms of Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Zsolnai, Károly; Szirmay-Kalos, László
Real-time Control and Stopping of Fluids

Barrena, Nagore; Sánchez, Jairo R.; García-Alonso, Alejandro
A Distributed and Collaborative vSLAM Framework for Real-Time Localisation in Huge Environments for Mobile Devices

Islam, Tariqul; Ohl, Stephan; Staadt, Oliver
Multi-Camera Acquisition and Placement Strategy for Displaying High-Resolution Images for Telepresence Systems

Szécsi, László; Hajagos, Balázs; Umenhoffer, Tamás
On Depth-testing Wide Outlines

McLoughlin, Leigh; Anderson, Eike Falk
Reverse Skew-T - A Cloudmaking Tool for CG

Fryazinov, Oleg; Sanchez, Mathieu; Adzhiev, Valery; Pasko, Alexander
Time-variant Volumetric Colors for Metamorphosis

Borg, Mathias; Kraus, Martin
Using Webcams for Product Presentations in HTML5

Fisker, Martin; Gram, Kristoffer; Thomsen, Kasper Kronborg; Vasilarou, Dimitra; Kraus, Martin
Automatic Convergence Adjustment for Stereoscopy using Eye Tracking