Pacific Graphics Short Papers, Posters, and Work-in-Progress Papers 2020

Lee, Sung-hee; Zollmann, Stefanie; Okabe, Makoto; Wuensche, Burkhard
Pacific Graphics 2020 - Short Papers, Posters, and Work-in-Progress Papers: Frontmatter

Qiao, Zhi; Kanai, Takashi
An Energy-Conserving Hair Shading Model Based on Neural Style Transfer

Chalmers, Andrew; Zickler, Todd; Rhee, Taehyun
Illumination Space: A Feature Space for Radiance Maps

Li, Yao; Yu, Xiang Gang; Han, Xiao Guang; Jiang, Nian Juan; Jia, Kui; Lu, Jiang Bo
A Deep Learning Based Interactive Sketching System for Fashion Images Design

Su, Zhiyuan; Nie, Xiaoying; Shen, Xukun; Hu, Yong
Monocular 3D Fluid Volume Reconstruction Based on a Multilayer External Force Guiding Model

Perez, Lizeth Joseline Fuentes; Calla, Luciano Arnaldo Romero; Montenegro, Anselmo Antunes; Mura, Claudio; Pajarola, Renato
A Robust Feature-aware Sparse Mesh Representation

Sasaki, Kosuke; Mitani, Jun
Simple Simulation of Curved Folds Based on Ruling-aware Triangulation

Reischl, Maximilian; Knauer, Christian; Guthe, Michael
Using Landmarks for Near-Optimal Pathfinding on the CPU and GPU

Tsubota, Satsuki; Okabe, Makoto
Interactive Video Completion with SiamMask

Liu, Hongli; Han, Honglei
Reconstructing Monte Carlo Errors as a Blue-noise in Screen Space

Baek, Seung Youp; Lee, Sungkil
Day-to-Night Road Scene Image Translation Using Semantic Segmentation

Tan, Yu Wei; Chua, Nicholas; Koh, Clarence; Bhojan, Anand
RTSDF: Generating Signed Distance Fields in Real Time for Soft Shadow Rendering

Chen, Jiazhou; Zhu, Xinding; Bénard, Pierre; Barla, Pascal
Stroke Synthesis for Inbetweening of Rough Line Animations