Computer Graphics Forum 1990 / CGF 9 - 3 

Arnold, David

Bos, Jan van den; Laffra, Chris
Project DIGIS: Building Interactive Applications by Direct Manipulation

Bovey, J. D.
A Browser for Large Directed Graphs

Heal, B.W.
Node Partitioning in an Octree Display Pipeline

Visvalingam, M.; Whyatt, J. D.
The Douglas-Peucker Algorithm for Line Simplification: Re-evaluation through Visualization

Rogers, Greg; Sung, Kelvin; Kubitz, William
Combining Graphics and Windowing Standards in the XGKS System

Flores, J. Zamorano; Costoya, F. Perez; Perez, J. Carretero and Henriquez, L.M. Gomez and Ambite, A. Perez
Using GKS Concurrently: a Practical Solution

Abi-Ezzi, Salim S.; Wozny, Michael J.
Factoring a Homogeneous Transformation for a more Efficient Graphics Pipeline

Owen, Jon
Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design Literature: A Keyword-Indexed Bibliography for the Year 1989

Kjelldahl, Lars
Doctoral Theses in Computer Graphics

Book Reviews

Mumford, Anne
Report of the Eurographics UK Conference

Duce, D.A.
Yugraph 90

Brodlie, K.W.
Workshop Report Future Developments in Computer Graphics Teaching Eurographics Workshop - University of Leeds - Easter 1989

Arbab, Farhad
Report on the Fourth Eurographics Workshop on Intelligent CAD

Otten, Daan
Report on the First Eurographics Workshop on Object-Oriented Graphics

Call for Participation: Computer Graphics and Education 91

SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Curriculum Review Call for Reviewers

EURASIP Short Course Medical Imaging: Techniques and Trends

Calendar of Events

Vandoni, C.E.; Duce, D.A.
Revisions to the EUROGRAPHICS Bye-laws

General Assembly of the EUROGRAPHICS Association

EUROGRAPHICS UK Chapter 9th Annual General Meeting 10 April 1990 at the University of Bath


Offers to EUROGRAPHICS Members