Computer Graphics Forum 2002 / CGF 21 - 1 


Denecker, K.; De Neve, P.; Van Assche, S.; Van de Walle, R.; Lemahieu, I.; Philips, W.
Psychovisual Evaluation of Lossy CMYK Image Compression for Printing Applications

Theisel, Holger
Exact Isosurfaces for Marching Cubes

Zhang, Dongliang; Yuen, Matthew
A Coherence-based Collision Detection Method for Dressed Human Simulation

Duce, David; Herman, Ivan; Hopgood, Bob
Web 2D Graphics File Formats

Adabala, Neeharika; Manohar, Swami
Techniques for Realistic Visualization of Fluids: A Survey

Eurographics 2001


22nd EUROGRAPHICS General Assembly

Auditor's Report

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