Eurographics 2004 - STARs 2004

Vidal, F. P.; Bello, F.; Brodlie, K.; John, N.W.; Gould, D.; Phillips, R.; Avis, N. J.
Principles and Applications of Medical Virtual Environments

Brodlie, K.; Brooke, J.; Chen, M.; Chisnall, D.; Fewings, A.; Hughes, C.; John, N. W.; Jones, M. W.; Riding, M.; Roard, N.
Visual Supercomputing - Technologies, Applications and Challenges

Müller, Gero; Meseth, Jan; Sattler, Mirko; Sarlette, Ralf; Klein, Reinhard
Acquisition, Synthesis and Rendering of Bidirectional Texture Functions

Jacobs, Katrien; Loscos, Céline
Classification of Illumination Methods for Mixed Reality

Teschner, M.; Kimmerle, S.; Heidelberger, B.; Zachmann, G.; Raghupathi, L.; Fuhrmann, A.; Cani, M.-P.; Faure, F.; Magnenat-Thalmann, N.; Strasser, W.; Volino, P.
Collision Detection for Deformable Objects

O’Sullivan, Carol; Howlett, Sarah; McDonnell, Rachel; Morvan, Yann; O’Conor, Keith
Perceptually Adaptive Graphics