Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging 2012

Rossignac, Jarek; Luffel, Mark; Vinacua, Alvar
SAMBA: Steadied Choreographies

Castro, Barbara P.; Velho, L.; Kosminsky, D.
Integrarte: Digital Art Using Body Interaction

Tresset, Patrick A.; Leymarie, F. Fol
Sketches by Paul the Robot

Deussen, Oliver; Lindemeier, Thomas; Pirk, Sören; Tautzenberger, Mark
Feedback-guided Stroke Placement for a Painting Machine

Lockyer, Matt; Bartram, Lyn
The aMotion Toolkit: Painting with Affective Motion Textures

Bangalore, Ashwin; House, Donald H.
A Technique for Art Direction of Physically Based Fire Simulation

Khan, Shehroz S.; Vogel, Daniel
Evaluating Visual Aesthetics in Photographic Portraiture

Wyvill, Brian; Kry, P. G.; Seidel, R.; Mould, D.
Determining an Aesthetic Inscribed Curve

MacGillivray, Carol; Mathez, B.; Leymarie, F. Fol
Developing a System of Screen-less Animation for Experiments in Perception of Movement

Lieng, Henrik; Richardt, Christian; Dodgson, Neil A.
Random Discrete Colour Sampling

Seifi, Hasti; DiPaola, S.; Enns, J. T.
Exploring the Effect of Color Palette in Painterly Rendered Character Sequences

Garigipati, Pradeep; Akleman, Ergun
Duotone Surfaces

Xing, Q.; Akleman, Ergun; Taubin, Gabriel; Chen, J.
Surface Covering Curves

Miller, Jordan; Mould, David
Accurate and Discernible Photocollages